1. commitment

    I saw milwood's similar thread and thought it was such a good idea, I just had to rip it off (sorry milwood). Anyway, I've been eating relatively clean for the past six months or so (random refeed with mostly junk carbs from organic bakery in L.A.). I stayed really lean during that time (6%bf), and even put on some new muscle through switching up my workout routine(s). However, I'd also been smoking too many American Spirits, having the random drink, and even doing a bit of blow now and again. Finally, I'd been using EC and different types of ephedra free thermos during that entire time as well. I finally dropped all of the stuff I've just mentioned a few weeks ago (coffee too), but man did I turn to junk food. My workouts have still been good, just not as frequent, and I'm sure I've put on some muscle along with the fat, because my strength is way up. Anyway, beginning tomorrow (because today's already in the ****ter), my serious comittment to clean eating and training commences. I thought it best to type it out here, and would seriously appreciate any encouragement from board members, particularly because I'm single and I live in L.A., a place where nobody gives a **** about anybody but themselves, so whether I fail or succeed is only an interest of mine - no one else. Thanks all.


  2. Sounds like you have the right
    attitude...You gotta do it for yourself.

    Quite skiing...spend all your money on supps and food instead!!

    and hey... Just wanted to let you know that I care.

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