ephedrine hcl to europe

  1. ephedrine hcl to europe

    as the title says .. does anyone knows if and where can i find legit ephedrine hcl or sulfate in europe? my girlfriend is ready for cutting and we cant order out of europe .. help guys !

  2. Where are you going

  3. i live in greece

  4. What about primatine or Bronkaid?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Laxarcher13 View Post
    What about primatine or Bronkaid?
    yea but can i find bronkaid in europe?

  6. Yeah Iím pretty sure. I donít see why they wouldnít. In America, Virginia in particular we have to show our ID. They ID letís them keep track of how much youíve bought.

  7. Call first and ask if they carry it

  8. I had it shipped to the uk from Canada no problems......

  9. How much are you guys paying? I might pick it up and sell it to you if itís worth it

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Whisky View Post
    I had it shipped to the uk from Canada no problems......
    this is good broo can you give me source???

  11. many guys told me to give her clen but i m afraid of this drug! especially for a woman


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