transition from bulk to cut

  1. transition from bulk to cut

    Aye there! So I'm currently 19, 6'3, 196 lbs. I have been working out for a while now and love it. the bulk went great, but its time to shred for summer. My diet before was eating wahtever but a lot of protein. A month ago i was at 184 lbs 7.2 body percent fat, then a week ago 196 lbs 11.2 body fat. I ate about 3000-3500 calories. But i want to shred for summer, my abs are pretty strong but they wont show because i havfe a little bit of fat, but its all muscle for sure. Can you guys gimme advice on how to shred as far as diet and working out ? thanks!

  2. All above calories my friend..

    If you were on 3000-3500 calories.. Your best starting point is just to drop calories at the start. Nothing else. So drop to around 2700-2800 calories and after a week. See what your scale weight is doing. Your first week you will drop alot of water. Then continue another week with the same calories. Check how the scales are doing. If your still dropping 1-2 pounds then just continue but the 3rd - 4th week remove another 100-200 calories and again. Check the scales. This is how you want to go about it. Slow and steady at the start. I wouldn't incorporate cardio until you start to slow up weight loss.

    Whats your target weight roughly? The weight you feel you look best?

    If your gonna tap into your macros then try take the majority of your calories from carbohydrates. You want to keep your Protein high during a cut for satiety and also to retain your muscle mass.

    Here are my macro recommendations for you

    Protein = 210 Grams
    Carbs = 315 Grams
    Fats = 78 Grams

    This will give you 2800 calories to start with. Keep a good amount of Fibre in your diet also.. Helps keep you full 👍

    Here are other additions you can incorporate.

    Fat burner. I recommend Oxymax XT.. I have no connection with Performax but i genuinely like thier products. Ive tried a few fat burners over the years but i always enjoyed Oxymax due to how well its dosed and also the ingredient panel. Good all round supplement.

    Evomuse.. All thier topicals are incredible. Supernova will help get your abs to come out that bit quicker. Improves fat loss in the areas its applied to. So an ideal addition.

    But... You can do all of it without any addition. Which i done recently. No fat burners or anything tbh. Just a calorie deficit and some hard work and it all pays off

    Good luck man! Summer is coming so your perfectly timing things.

    Keep us posted on how you get on

  3. You now have two threads running, responded to the other thread as below

    You gained 12lbs in 4 weeks eating between 3000 and 3500kcals, suggesting maintenance calories of between 1500 and 2000kcals, something is off there, how do you track your calories?

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