Does cardarine burn fat on its own?

  1. Does cardarine burn fat on its own?

    I apologize if this has been covered...but does cardarine help burn fat on its own or does it just allow you to exercise longer/harder to burn more fat? In a month I'll be going on an international trip for 3 weeks with zero access to a gym. I'll do my best diet wise and to workout wherever I'm at (pushups/situps, etc) but I know it's going to be difficult to keep the weight off while traveling, so I'm wondering if this will help keep fat down when I'm not exercising regularly, or if it's only effective if you're doing heavy cardio with it too. Any input is appreciated.

  2. I've wasted $$ on this prod and it's snake oil at the very best in my experience. The only people hyping it are the people making a cut out of the sale.

    It's never touted as a fat loss supplement. Supposed to give u extra boost for cardio, etc (which in essence have a slight fat loss if you continue on doing a lot of cardio). I ran 2 cycles of this (and wasn't cheap either from reputable sources) and if anything, it gives you a slight edge but nothing more than a good dosage of creatine/BCAA+pre workout wouldn't do.

    In the end, its cal deficit. Almost all failing programs and weight gain comes down to calorie management. Just try to eat within your maintenance and prevent binge eating but it's not the end of the world. Even if you gain a few pounds, hammer it out at the gym when you come back. Unless of course, your daily earner depends on your physique so then you can look at the supplement world like carb blockers, etc ..plenty of prods out there to grab your $$$.

    I've started a keto diet myself a week ago and love it. Went out to a party last night and I had chicken wings, 2 drumsticks with salad. Stayed under my 30g net carbs easily.

  3. Agree....I’m on GW and SR for the last 8 weeks running 20+ miles a week minimum and keeping my calories at 2100 a day strict low carb. I’ve lost 18lb but I don’t believe the GW or SR have helped much if at all. I’ve slowly been able to run longer times but def not some miracle fat loss deal like you may think. I’ve skipped doses several times to see if I feel any different or if the scale moves but no difference. Just added DNP Low does and have lost 3lbs in 3day. My 2cent

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