Super Slim Down Before Cycle Need Opinions

  1. Super Slim Down Before Cycle Need Opinions

    I'm doing a diet/cleanse going into my next cycle. Pre-cycle I will be running a bunch of health cleanse stuff but this is my diet/growth compounds:
    T3 100mcg
    T4 200mcg
    IGF1-LR3 50mcg
    IGF1-Des 100mcg
    Novalin R 2iu every large meal

    I was wondering what would be better to add and why if you only added 1 which is most powerful:
    ECA stack [I'm assuming I have to make my own]
    Clen [I have heard alot of ppl can't handle it so bit worried since I have never ran]
    Adderall [ I have a prescription for more than I need]

  2. Kinda out of my depth here because your taking a lot of stuff I haven't used but I will say I much prefer yohimbine hcl to clen. I know it's not nearly as "hardcore" but with yohimbine as you raise the dose you can feel its effects getting stronger and you have a better judge of your limits. What I found with clen was as I raised the dose my hands would start shaking but I wouldn't feel anything like an accelerated heart rate or any kind of buzz and I felt as though by the time I realised I could have taken too much it would be too late.

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