Warrior Diet Log

  1. Warrior Diet Log

    Hi guys
    Im going to log my Warrior Diet Log here.
    Start date was 2/8/18:

    12.2% BF

    Diet protocol
    First meal 12 - 1pm. 3 scoops of protein powder.

    Second meal non workout 3pm 3 scoops protein.

    Second meal on workout days 5pm 3 scoops protein while training.

    Glucose disposal agent before carb meals
    3rd meal FOOD 7pm
    Aiming for around a pound of meat maybe more, lots of vegetables, get full on this.

    4th meal FOOD 8pm
    Only if hungry. Eat whatever I want til full

    5th meal FOOD 9pm
    Only if hungry. Eat whatever I want til full.

    Need to make sure I am food-less at least hour before bed.

    Nutrition from 1/8/18
    3293 calories
    288 grams Protein
    236 grams Carbs
    128 grams fat

  2. Warrior Diet Log


    187.2 lbs
    11.7% bf (9mm)
    21.90 lbs fat
    165.30 lbs lbm

    2407 calories

    254g protein
    169g carbs
    21g fiber
    75g fat

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    3 sets 12 reps 45 lbs plate sit ups 90 sec rest
    3 sets 30 second 1 arm loaded carries 80lbs
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  3. Cool. I'll get in on this!
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  4. Interesting bullet points from 2/9
    - Was in an amazing mood at work in the morning. Felt totally in control, Alpha feeling
    -Desire for very carby foods was not as strong as day before
  5. Warrior Diet Log

    21.90 lbs fat
    165.30 lbs lbm

    2665 calories (I over ate)
    228 G protein (dialed back on protein)
    252 g carbs (was craving carbs big time)
    19 g fiber
    84 g fat

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    3x12 ab roll out 140lbs
    2x20 side bend 60lbs
    1x16 side bend 60lbs
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  6. 2/12
    11.7% (9 mm)
    22.06 lbs fat
    166.54 lbs lbm

    2437 calories
    198 G protein
    212 g carbs
    17 g fiber
    91 g fat
  7. Warrior Diet Log

    11.7% (9mm)
    22.06 lbs fat
    166.54 lbs lbm

    2346 calories
    231 G protein
    168 g carbs
    12 g fiber
    83 g fat

    Speed day and hypertrophy

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    The sit ups are with 45 lbs plates. Reducing rest periods for progression
  8. Warrior Diet Log

    11.7% Bf (9mm)
    22 lbs fat
    166 lbs lbm

    2470 calories
    221 G protein
    246 g carbs
    24 g fiber
    69 g fat

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  9. 2/15
    22 lbs fat
    166 lbs lbm

    1982 calories
    200 G protein
    171 g carbs
    8 g fiber
    60 g fat

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  10. 2/16
    11.7% (9mm)
    21.95 lbs fat
    165.65 lbs lbm
    2506 calories
    202 G protein
    233 g carbs
    16 g fiber
    92 g fat
  11. Warrior Diet Log

    So far the experiment is interesting....

    Started at 185 lbs at 12.2% bf. So far 187.6 at 11.7% bf.

    22.57 -> 21.95 lbs= -.62 lbs

    162.43 -> 165.65 lbs = +3.22 lbs

    Now i know that much of the non fat weight is not muscle. A lot is water from eating carbs, when I was doing carb less for over a month. But this is still very interesting because Iím eating ďbasicallyĒ whatever I want between 7p and an hour before bed (10p)
    Iím trying to keep calories around 2400. Iíll ride this out for a month, then Iím going to cut calories back to 2000 and drop to around 1700 following same protocol to see what happens in fat loss.

  12. Glad to know about this diet plan. Thank you so much for sharing.

  13. Happy to do it... My life is much easier right now, I get to look forward to end of day every day, and Iím getting good results. Sounds like perfection. I hope it keeps up. Stay tuned in 2 weeks Iím transitioning to a fat loss phase. Wonít be as much fun, eating but it should still be ok

  14. Couple little small things Iím doing:
    Eat lots of meat and veggies at first meal, then an hour later I start out with fruits to fill up, then cereal, then something like ice cream. It keeps the indulgence to a minimum, cause by that time Iím ready to pop. Ha


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