Best stack with Lean Xtreme if DCP not available

  1. Best stack with Lean Xtreme if DCP not available

    Happy new year all,

    I have ordered DS Lean Xtreme and waiting for it to come. In the meanwhile I found DCP is a good stack for Lean. But I cant get it delivered here in India. What else would be a good stack to use along Lean? I preferred lean as I found it controls cortisol and I have bloated lower abs due to cortisol from stress at work. I would required your help in the below

    1) What would be a good stack for Lean Xtreme?
    2) What is the recommended timing and dosage? (I workout at evening around 7PM to 9 PM)
    3) My BF is still 25% even though my upper torso is dry and tight. My trunk fat is too high. What kind of HIIT would help?
    4) After more than a year of lifting my upper torso has been impressive. Why would my lower abs be hanging and bloated still?

  2. I haven't used Lean Xtreme in years, but I loved the original formula. Read the label and make sure it's the same product you took initially, there are a few different reformulations of that product floating around.

    If you're currently at 25% body fat, I wouldn't rely too heavily on supplements. Consistency with nutrition and training should be the most important factors for you right now. If you were planning to use DCP, you might want to consider a GDA/nutrient partitioning product like Slinmax. Slinmax can be used before higher carb meals or refeed/cheat meals to help utilize carbs better. GDA products like Slinmax can be beneficial for any goal, and it would be a great add-in to stack with Lean Xtreme.
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