Weight loss what now. Supplement?

  1. Weight loss what now. Supplement?

    So basically former college lineman. Spent four years getting fat not working out a ton. Have done some pro hormone in the past none in two years.

    Last three months
    Lifted a little, mostly cardio. Limited fast food, mostly cleaned up diet

    An hr on elliptical a day down to 280 from 313. Still hanging gut and some man boobs, but naturally barrel chested

    Is it time to supplement or just keep going with what ive been doing. Worried about loose skin, since I get stretch marks so easy from lifting

  2. Just my personal opinion but I don’t think anyone needs specific supplementation to get down around 10-12% bf. Fat burners etc are nothing compared to a good consistent approach to exercise and nutrition.

    By specific supplements I’m talking t3 etc, stuff you’d buy to lose weight. I do think things like vit d3, fish oils and green tea extract etc have a place but that’s more an overall health thing, I’d take when cutting, bulking or maintaining.

    Sounds like your on the right tracks already though man, great job thus far, just keep at it.

    Loose skins a bitch by the way, have it myself following a 140lb weight loss a few years back, loads of variables (age, years overweight etc) on how bad it’ll be or whether it’ll tighten but being a lower weight with loose skin is a **** load better than being overweight with tight skin imo.

  3. Thanks bro.

    I been a bigger guy all through my twenties. Last year I got fatter and started to get the bear claw scratches on my stomach. Only a year with the hanging gut, but I know im doomed for some loose skin

  4. Quote Originally Posted by GSP View Post
    Thanks bro.

    I been a bigger guy all through my twenties. Last year I got fatter and started to get the bear claw scratches on my stomach. Only a year with the hanging gut, but I know im doomed for some loose skin
    Sounds really similar to me bro, was big through late teens and twenties and then late 20’s/early 30’s I hit 320lbs.

    One thing I can tell you, having always been used to being ‘the fat guy’ when you get into shape it’s an amazing feeling - walking into a room knowing that people’s first thought isn’t ‘wow he’s big’ is great and personally I found the pursuit of fitness really addictive.

    Keep at it and you’ll get there bro - trust me when you do you’ll love it, feeling good about the way you look gives you so much in all aspects of your life.

  5. Sounds like you've been consistent for the last 3 months, which is great. I don't think you're in need of adding a supplement in yet, I would keep doing what you're doing for now and stay consistent with eating better and exercising consistently. A thermogenic product might help some, but from your current state with only 3 months of consistent habits I would give it some more time before adding anything else in.
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  6. Keep at it bud! Its a marathon not a sprint. Your 3 months in and making great progress keep it up, so far you already got great advice so to just add, don't worry about adding a supplements but basic supps for just overall health, multi vitamin, some fish oil start there. Keep eating clean and healthy add some spices to your foods add some flavor and crank up the heat haha. Eating bland foods will get tiring and annoying so can get some franks red hot, or that reduced sugar ketchup, mustard and other low cal toppings. Be careful there some toppings like sweet baby rays packs like 25g of sugar per serving I think or something like that so watch out there... Also if you are a coffee drinker and you add cream, watch the creamers get the reduced sugar ones, or the half and half, and theres others in that section at the grocery store that also have low cals.

    But food eggs, chicken, ground beef or turkey 85/15 wouldn't go lower than that, egg whites, fish, greek yogurt, real oatmeal, sweet potato, rice, oatmeal squares cereal, avocados, natural peanut butter, olive oil, shredded cheese, turkey bacon, salsa, bananas, blueberries, and the reduced almond milk either unsweetened vanilla 30 cals, or low sugar 60 cal. Thats basically my grocery list.

    keep at it man, keep us posted on the journey!
    Figure out what you want, make a plan, go get it, period.

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  7. Keep doing what you're doing. Keep lifting, keep at nutrition, making sure you get your sleep.
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