Lendo's Primeval Labs Pyretic & Vein Nutrition Veinquish log

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  1. Lendo's Primeval Labs Pyretic & Vein Nutrition Veinquish log

    So I received the Veinquish on Tuesday, took 1 full dose...then I received the Pyretic on Wednesday, took 1 full dose.

    So Thursday and Friday I took 2 full doses of both products. I plan on running both for a month. If I like them, I might re-up and buy more.

    No real side effects (good or bad) so far.

    The one (2) things I did notice relatively right away is a diuretic effect (peeing more than usual), and then after a couple of days, what I like to call "enhanced protein synthesis" (meaning I'm pooping more too). This is probably due to the olive leaf extract.

    So here's a little about me:

    45 years old, 6'0"
    This morning I weighed 239 lbs. That was a bit of an outlier...
    edit: to be clear: my starting weight for this log is 245-250
    I've been as big as 260...once several years ago, and once relatively recently.
    I've been going to the gym since I was about 18 years old, with occasional breaks in between.

    I fell off the gym wagon a few years ago. I've been back on a good schedule for the past 2 months. I'd say I lost 10 lbs (maybe a little more) with just diet and exercise over the last 2 months.

    So now it's time to add in some help in the fat burning department.

    My goal would be to lose 10 lbs, take a short break, and then move on to a strong, stim based fat burner.

    Just getting started...like I said, I'll add pics, workouts, diet, etc, soon.

    Thanks to EpicSlughter for the chats regarding this combo!

    P.S. for those that think I'm new due to my low post count, I've been on multiple boards for many years. I may not post a lot, and I may forget my info and sign up under a different name

    So here's some pics and info on the supps:

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  2. In to support. Hello, i am James from Malaysia.

  3. Thanks James!

  4. What is in these, never herd of them

  5. Do a search on Pyretic...you'll find the ingredients on a few other logs...as well as the recommendation to stack with Veinquish or another supp.

    I'll post pics of the supps with ingredients soon!

  6. All Natty sups

  7. Sweet. I'll get in on this.
    Official Strong Supplement Shop Board Rep
    Join Us In The Pursuit of Strength - Go Strong!

  8. Subscribed. Consistency is key, but I am optimistic about this combo. Good luck my friend!

  9. OK...so I added some pics of the supps and ingredients to my original post.

    Sorry I've been missing in action for a few days...work and life sometimes get in the way.

    So now I'm back.

    Did some training Thursday, Friday, Saturday...not as much or as hard as I would have liked to.
    Sunday was an off day.
    Monday wasn't feeling 100%. Went to the doctor, turns out I had a stomach bug. Doc gave me some OTC meds to take care of it.
    Tuesday (today): got to gym at 7:00...1 hour cardio...should have a good workout schedule for at least the next few days.

    Weight still fluctuating...but like EpicSlaughter said: consistency is the key...I'll try to stay on the exercise/diet/supplement plan as closely as possible.

  10. Oh, and just to add some insight to my diet...briefly:

    Breakfast: either a protein shake with a small portion of fruit OR egg whites with a small portion of fruit
    Lunch: either tuna or chicken with veggies
    Dinner: usually the opposite of lunch
    There may be occasional healthy snacks in between (nuts, hummus or guacamole...preferably with veggies, but sometimes with some "healthy" chips)
    Occasionally a protein shake in afternoon (if I didn't have one for breakfast).
    I'll eat rice (usually brown rice) occasionally...I try to eat it only on lifting days, and only the meal before OR after lifting.
    Of course there's a cheat meal in there occasionally.

    I recently started a work out journal (again)...I guess a food journal should be next!

  11. "Consistency is the key"

    So Tuesday and Wednesday (and so far today) I'm back on track.
    Took full doses Tuesday and Wednesday, took my morning dose today.
    Got home late last night, didn't make it to gym. Did 50 push ups this morning. Weather is nice today, so probably do some cardio outside after work today

    Scale is still at 245-246 (which has been my average weight just before and at the start of this)...I think I should be able to get close to 240 by Saturday sticking with a good clean diet and working out for the next few days

  12. Damn pyretic set my ass on fire, I have to half dose it, and even then it's a bit intense at times. Anyone else feel hot as hell on it? Slightly anxiety?
    I use alcar all the time and love it so wondering what it is in there that would making this happen. Of course it is the name I was just a but surprised at how intense it was.

  13. Still on track...

    Took full dose (2 servings) yesterday, morning dose today.

    Haven't been able to hit the gym last few days, but I make sure I get in a 30 minute jog and/or some push-ups in the mornings on those days.
    I'll hit the gym tonite...probably just cardio. Friday night I get that second wind, so even if it's late, I usually still make it.
    I'll definitely hit the gym tomorrow as well.

    I'll check in with the scale tonite/tomorrow

    @chemjr: not sure what would have set your ass on fire from the Pyretic...only thing I could think of was maybe the combination of chromium/alcar/green tea (green tea does have some caffeine content in it).

  14. Weight this morning 244.

    Went out for a drink last night after work (just 1). Then went to gym

    Meals yesterday:
    Breakfast: Protein shake, a few pieces of fruit (strawberries, blueberries, black berries, 1 slice mango)
    Lunch: Chipotle Bowl: chicken, brown rice, guac, salsa...probably a little too much food, but healthy in general
    Dinner: spinach and tomato salad with 8 oz low salt turkey breast (went with the turkey just because I needed something different, hadn't eaten it all week)

    30 minutes cardio at the gym before dinner...would have liked to do more, just didn't have it.

    I've been up since 5:30 this morning....have some early morning errands to run, gonna mix up a pre-workout, hit the gym sometime in the 7:00 hour...lift and cardio.

    Will report back later or tomorrow.

    Thanks again to all following and reading

  15. So after errands and gym (and I'm counting on the few calories burned while doing those errands/chores)...no breakfast (still had food in me from last night)...

    Good workout...ended up doing some back (pull ups...which I hate, because I suck at them...but did a few more reps than last time)...bi's and tri's...
    1/2 hour cardio on treadmill...combination of sprints/inclines...

    Scale was showing 240 when I got home!

  16. In, thanks for the invite Lendo! Let's burn this sh1t to the ground.

  17. A brief weekend recap and Monday morning update:

    Saturday: great morning workout. Went out to dinner with the fam Saturday night...Italian...so bread and pasta, a few glasses of red.
    Took 2 full doses.

    Sunday: continued to negate the great Saturday morning work out. Relaxed, ate, and drank most of the day.
    Took one dose

    Monday: I'll just put it this way: I'm not 240 lbs anymore. 30 minutes on elliptical. Took morning dose. Lift this afternoon.

    Will update tonite...hopefully get rid of some water weight from all the food and drink this weekend...get back close to 240 by tonite/tomorrow.

  18. decent day today...

    30 minutes cardio this morning...elliptical at the gym...constantly increasing resistance...1 or 2 sprints

    Legs in the p.m. (deadlifts, leg presses, leg extensions, leg curls)...10 minutes treadmill after legs

    2 doses of Pyretic/Veinquish

    protein shake for late breakfast/early lunch
    Dinner: from the frozen food department: "Cuban inspired pork" (pork of unknown quality, brown rice, quinoa, beans, peppers, onions)...added some leftover grilled chicken to that

    Still holding some water...scale hasn't budged...

    Don't have work until 2:00 tomorrow...so morning cardio is a definite...see if I can bang out an hour...

    will update tomorrow

  19. Lol Lendo, those Healthy Choice Bowls aren't half bad!!!

  20. I think it was a Lean Cuisine...the best part is the portion control...because I don't have any...normally I would have eaten more...much more...

    I'll let the Pyretic and Veinquish do its work for today, tonight, tomorrow morning...

    will report back in the a.m.

  21. P.S. I bought that frozen dinner a few days ago (probably Friday)...had it packed for lunch today...but also had a protein shake packed for breakfast, and took an early lunch...so I think the protein shake late breakfast/early lunch was a good idea.

    My next problem is I still have leftovers from that Saturday night Italian dinner (pasta with mussels)...

    do I eat it tomorrow (only if I lift) or throw it away???

  22. Hey! In this.
    IG: @VeinNutrition

  23. Quote Originally Posted by justhere4comm View Post
    Hey! In this.
    Thanks for the follow!

  24. Monday morning cardio:

    10 minutes on the torture device...otherwise known as the stair stepper
    30 minutes treadmill...interval sprints, inclines, etc.
    6 sets of battle ropes
    abs in between

    stopped at a health food eatery after the gym, got a pineapple, orange, coconut smoothie with a scoop of protein...yummy

    I threw away the left over pasta from the weekend...didn't want to be tempted

    Weight is 243...not so much bloated/water weight any more...just back to normal

  25. Back down to 240 lbs

    Decided to pass on lifting tonight...back, legs, and abs are sore.

    Cardio tomorrow morning.

    Update: didn't eat that healthy chicken, broccoli, cauliflower dinner tonight. I'll just leave it at that.

    Took 2 full doses today.


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