Has anyone actually stuck with Keto, specifically CKD for fat loss?

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  1. Has anyone actually stuck with Keto, specifically CKD for fat loss?

    Hey guys, haven't posted in a LONG time. Just jumping back into the online portion, forms, etc.

    Anyways. Has anyone actually tried Keto, specifically CKD and stayed on this WOE for a while, seen results, have any insight on it?


  2. How longs a while to you? I did straight keto for a little over 4 months with really good success. I dropped 50ish lbs and besides the 1st couple weeks it really wasn’t tough. I did lose a lot of strength but I also lost a ton of fat.
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  3. I should've been more specific sorry. Yes like 4-6months+

    I've been on it for 5 weeks now, have had 2 refeed days (doing CKD opted for every 14th day) but feel for a whole week I have come to a standpoint even with a 1,000 calorie a deficit. Based off the sticks I am moderate to high releasing ketones. All last week and this week I've added stated cardio to try and ramp up fat loss but just at a plateau.

    Was wondering if anyone had experienced this?

  4. why do you want to do a Keto diet? you wont have any benefits! its even the opposite- you will loose strength due lack of carbs!

    for a bodybuilder there is NO reason to cut out all the carbs. always stay with enough fat for hormones (AT LEAST 0.5/kg bodyweight; personally i eat ~1g/kg) and enough proteine (2.5g/kg bodyweight while in diet; while bulking you can reduce to 2g/kg bodyweight, if you want to)
    and then fill the calories left with carbs! much better for a weightlifter! if you are an endurance-athlete you could habe some benefits from a keto diet but also only if you eat keto all the time to have enough time to let the body adjust and for bulding ketones.

  5. I put on a lot of unwanted weight started back into lifting this may and did what I always did for cutting which was carb cycling well I reached so many plateaus in doing so I believe because of getting older possibly slower metabolism not really sure and got to the point where I researched extreme fat loss dieting and came across the keto diet in August did enough research to know that it actually is a pretty good diet and way of life for some and has actually between that and intermittent fasting made my body feel a whole lot better than when I was eating carbs not trying to convert anyone trust me I still love carbs but my body does not I have not had any gastritis issues Since switching over to Keto personally. Initially my strength drop that first in the gym but I would say I'm pretty much at paar now strength-wise I just don't know why even with reducing my calories even more I am not experiencing any more fat loss scale or mirror and I've pretty much reached yet another plateau

  6. Power lifter, huh. Yeah when I was n high school I used to power lift, but I was 94lbs in da 114 class, lil dude ya know. Now that im older and quite a few major injuries alongside partying, like I had sense ya know (that is me telling the younger me, NO NO NO). Well im 36 now and weigh 205 and Well ive been doing keto for heck I guess a month n a half and I've lost like 10lbs. I believe im in for the long run cause high fats makes me not over eat or sit in my bed with my mind not letting me sleep till I feed myself and im not even really hungry , but as far as strength loss I'd say a little bit yes, cause if ur a power lifter u know u can syke ya mind out if needed to buck da system. But im n no shape to power lift n e more. Even when I do up my protein again, I know now that fat plays an important role im feeling full. Me, myself I've quit using carbs pre w/o and use vegetables high in nitrates and I find that works as good as carbs. And i bet carbs and nitrated togather are a power lifters rocket fuel, idk. But give keto a try, u may love the results, good luck and safe hard lifting to all HO, HO, HO (merry x mas n a few months)

  7. I'm 33, a little younger, I started doing meets in high school and competed after in my 20's haven't since then. Best lifts were at 220lb BW

    I've been doing Keto for 5 weeks now and do enjoy it just felt I reached a bit of a plateau. After researching last night like a mad man and most of the day today I think I figured out why.

  8. Why, im interested? I understand that it's no diagnosis but boy I got a million things running thru my head cause im kinda plateaued too I believe, started something to lower my cortisol down earlier today(think that is one if my fat issues) like I said im 205 but would make a nice 185er he'll I could focus on my strength then. I kinda always had da strength thing but gotta watch too much weight, don't wanna hurt my self no more so I focus on my form and squeezes now. Im so off subject, my bad, so PLEASE tell me ur plateau theory! !!

  9. I looked up a few articles by Remington James and Jason Wittrock which both do Keto and they said once you get under 15% body fat your body needs refeeds more often to increase leptin levels which is the hormone in your body that regulates fat reduction so I feel that doing a refeed every two weeks like I have been up until this point is not working and I need one more often this is my theory based off of research from what I've read and I'm still researching more on how to increase leptin levels but the only thing I find is increased glycogen storage which is adding in carbs which is complete opposite of being in ketosis so obviously this is why CKD works but not how most articles on CKD are geared which is a refeed every 10 to 12 days that does not specify a person's body fat or activity level so I'm assuming with strength training 6 days a week and being under 15% body fat that I need to incorporate a refeed more often so I'm switching it two instead of 13 days in ketosis and one refeed then repeats I'm going to 5 days in ketosis in 2 days refeed to see how that works I can't seem to find an answer anywhere else so I will be my own guinea pig LOL

  10. At 185 I would be staged ready so yes I'd like to be there too LOL

  11. Don't go believing what im bout to tell ya, b/c I accidentally ran across some little article yesterday and I got off Internet cause it was late but it was saying something about how it can take up to 2 days to get ur body back n 2 ketosis, idk man. Just made me think of it when u were talking bout refeeds then shortening ur time between then wouldn't(if what I read were correct) that shorten ur days n ketosis. Don't kill da messange please!! Cause it is a possibility my ADHD mind waaaay over analyzed it.

  12. I have done refeeds while on keto so I know this is true the way I got back into ketosis after my first one is how Remington James suggest my last meal on refeed was 8 p.m. Saturday I fasted all the way to 8 p.m. Sunday and had a full fat meal pretty much 1200 calories of fat and maybe a 150 grams of protein total so 1800 calories for the day this was following a fasted workout that I did 60 Minutes stated cardio and two hours of full body at 30% of what I normally use for weights the very next day Monday I did my typical fasted workout in the morning chest tris and shoulders and then ate regularly throughout the day and by night I was in light ketosis (based off pee strips)

  13. Oooh yeah the strips....where can I get those, and are they expensive? ?

  14. LOL no cheap. $10 for 50 strips. I got them at Walgreens.

  15. Well im gonna get some....Thanks

  16. You're welcome bro

  17. When I get little hungers I've bought some nuts to crack,mixed walnuts hazelnuts braziliannuts and almonds then I eat around 2-6 of them and that'll curb my hungers. And when I get my little nauseousness and tension like head aches , I put a little salt n my hand and lick it up (to save on buying too many powerade) and my symptoms ease up, maybe im over thinking the salt thing (hope not) but the nuts for a lil snack do work for me.

  18. Question. When u do ya refeeds do u just eat fairly normal or do u go carb heavy intentionally? Also do u make it a whole day or one meal or two meals? Im noticing when I do a refeed every week, that I feel better mentally and I don't mind jumping back into keto eating again. So, yeah, let me know ur idea on how u refeed please!!! Thanks cause this has been on my mind past few days.

  19. I refeed carb high, fat low, protein 1g per pound that I weigh. Goal is to have high carbs. And one dull day of eating is all I do. Not 2 or 4 etc

  20. So 1 full day ...correct??

  21. Yes. Go on www ruled dot me look up CKD you'll see how much you have to eat in a refeed.

  22. Quote Originally Posted by PowerLifter23 View Post
    Yes. Go on www ruled dot me look up CKD you'll see how much you have to eat in a refeed.
    Will do thanks

  23. You're welcome

  24. You should google Dr. Jacob Wilson, he is huge in Ketogenic studies. I listened to a podcast he was on about CKD and the standard Keto diet. His study compared both and both lost the same weight over a period of time. The findings were interesting the standard lost all body fat and the CKD lost body fat and muscle. He took from this study that if you are refueling every Saturday, it took those people an average of 3-4 days to get back into ketosis. Which now was 3-4 more days the other group had more in ketosis and in a fat burning state. I am no expert and am on my second run of Keto. I did it for about 10 weeks earlier this year and loved it, but when I got off I went carb nuts! Dr. Jacob Wilson is a guy everyone in the Keto world looks to for performance information in Keto.
    He is on YouTube as well.
    Good luck

  25. Thank you. I'll look it up. I do every 2 weeks refeed though, not weekly.


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