Has anyone actually stuck with Keto, specifically CKD for fat loss?

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  1. Just citing the study he did. I did do a reseed for myself and it seemed to mentally help. Then I heard that study and just stayed Keto for the rest. There are a bunch of good podcasts out there if you listen to podcasts. Ketogenic Athlete is funny and good, KetoSavage is good when he has guests. He is a little over the top sometimes for me though.

  2. Not just mentally but refeeds fill me out and then going back on to cutting it off makes me look better. I don't care about the scale.

    Appreciate it, I'll look some up

  3. Did my refeed yesterday and back on my keto 2day and im glad to be back on it, heck I ate a hamburger (with da bread) yesterday among other carbs thru out da day and I really didn't enjoy it like I used too and really wasn't satisfied with like I could have just ate and ate and ate . It could just be me but I believe all da carbs yesterday made me sluggish but at da same time I can tell my body and mind needed a recharge I guess you'd say. Good thing, man!!! Thanks for your opinions and the good reading material u turned me on to power lifter23!!!! Good luck to u on your goals also brother!!!

  4. You're very welcome bro. Glad it went well

  5. If u dont mind me asking...what does your calories end up looking like at end of day ? Just your round about average?

  6. Currently 2,200 I'm cutting

  7. Just checking cause I have been doing 1700-2100(haven't gotten 2100 or lil over a few times)and my protein levels were scary low (or atleast thats how I feel)like 50-70g. But ive been keeping my carbs very low. Ive been doing more reading on that site and I believe my issues been too many fats. Because I been doing like 75% fat so imma drop that down a hair and replace it w a little more protein and up calories a hair over 2000. Ok, phew, feels better I got that out!!! I do have quite a bit of fat left to get rid of(probably always will, mom was American Indian and well most indians suffer with fat issues). Just get nervous when I look in mirrow and clothes dont seem to be filled out like im used to. Thanks for da pick me brother! !!

  8. Do u use a little salt to keep ya headaches and nausea down? The reason I ask is b/c since I take a little salt every time I eat to keep symptoms down it seems as if I've gotten my strength back and no more bad headache or nausea symptoms but I was wondering if it's made your pee stream weaker ? Cause mine has, I mean it's something I can deal with but was also wondering if I was alone on this?

  9. Man I just found out about shirataki noodles and I just used them for a low carb low calorie chicken fettuccine. Now that's whats going down n da streets. I'm using miracle noodle

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Troubled View Post
    81dcs you fukin fat lil c u n t.

  11. I've ran a Keto based diet plenty of times: TKD,CKD, etc.

    I love it/loved it and it is a good diet, I would definitely recommend that you do plan your work outs ahead of time and that you do separate cardio from weight resistance training sessions.


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