Help with Nutritiom

  1. Help with Nutritiom

    I have been doing intermittent fasting for a long time and am finally going to fully clean my diet starting tomorrow, I will be taking OL Re1gn, Tr1umph, Assass1nate, Ep1logue, Performax Oxymax, and Crazy Bulk Gynectrol. I workout at 4:30 due to having school from 7-3, I plan on losing fat and maintaining at least muscle. I workout about 5 times a week, am 6foot, and 215 pounds, thanks.

  2. First of all I wouldn't use oxymax and gynectrol in fact I wouldn't use crazy bulk stuff at all. Expensive herbal supplements. Main ingredients in gynectrol are green tea and caffein. I would work out a few meals you can eat day in day out. The same every day. Stick to a routine for at least 2 weeks. Weight yourself and use the mirror as your guide and tweak the meals as required.

  3. Sorry realise it's same thread as before. Half asleep.

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