Is GH even worth it while in keto?

  1. Is GH even worth it while in keto?

    Basically if your rat were to be taking MK677 to raise GH for fat loss while on Keto diet, would that be a waste of time seeing that GH's action seems to be preferring fat over glucose?
    While in Keto there is no glucose left anyway, and your already preferring fatty acids as a primary fuel source.

  2. The nitrogen retention of MK677 it's going to make you hold water in the muscles better and not looking flat under a keto diet.
    With GH it's usually 2 steps forward and 1 step backward in regarding fat burning since the the GH i causing a lower insulin sensitivity but at the same time overrides that with a more powerful pathway in regards to fat burning.
    If you with your keto diet are counteracting the insulin issue you will amplify the fat burning proprieties of GH.
    Be aware of hunger increase that some users have (not all though) with MK677.

    I do a 16/8 fasting coming from a cutting phase and my body is used to dealing with high ghrelin cravings so on 10mg MK677 i don't have these hunger pangs that some users report.
    On 20-30mg this may change though.

  3. Compared with Steorids, Peptides will be safer. HGH Benefits:It improves the sleeping pattern, makes for fewer unintended awakenings and betters REM-stage sleep.
    HGH produces more energy
    It may improve sexual performance
    It builds stronger bones
    Improves the quality and duration of heart and kidneys

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