My weight loss transformation so far! Updated

  1. My weight loss transformation so far! Updated

    A while back I posted a few pictures of my total weight loss transformation so far! I just wanted to update y'all with my progress since that post so here it is. I also attached the old pictures from the old post so you could see the difference from the beginning to now. Not just from then to now. These are the old progress pictures. Name:  IMG_5917.jpg
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Size:  629.3 KBName:  IMG_5918.jpg
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Size:  287.9 KB These are the new progress pictures.Name:  963CBE11-6C81-49E6-B12E-96B9FCCD86C7.jpg
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  2. Good work bro

  3. Brilliant progress mate. Really glad to see you sticking it out. You have great willpower. Salute

  4. good job man. how long from the first pic?

  5. Kicking @$$ brother. Keep at it

  6. Nice results man!
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  7. This is awesome! Do you have a log running somewhere? Very impressive transformation!
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  8. Killing it dude!!! Nice job . Keep moving forward


  10. That's awesome! Good job!

  11. Great Results Bro

  12. Nice, keep dieting cause you can clearly see there's some muscles coming up more and more and you don't seem to loose size either.

  13. good job bro, looking good

    (no homo)

  14. I also have to tip my cap. Keep killing it.
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  15. How’s it going?

  16. what's your diet like?

  17. impressive
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  18. Wow! That's awesome. Would like to know what you eat, take as supplements and exercise routin please

  19. Good work man


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