Keto Macro Help

  1. Keto Macro Help

    Hey guys, I was hoping for a little help with my keto macros. I'm sitting at around 226 every morning for the past week and I'm probably 25% bodyfat. I'm hoping to hop on the keto train for a bit to lean up. Here's my estimated macros and caloric breakdown for the day:

    1986 Calories: 17g Carbs, 149g Fat and 146g Protein.

    Any objections? Thanks!

  2. Sounds like a good start just be ready to buckle down and stick to your macros....

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Swindler View Post
    Sounds like a good start just be ready to buckle down and stick to your macros....
    Alright, thanks man! The wifey and I are about to go grocery shopping so I'm looking forward to getting everything we need. Full disclosure, I'm eating a bagel right now. I figured I better "clean" out the pantry real quick lol! I'll be starting a log tomorrow on my weight loss. Can't wait!

  4. Olive oil.. it's great stuff

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Swindler View Post
    Olive oil.. it's great stuff
    Yes it is! I already consume it on a daily basis, but I'll be using it for my lunch, which will consist of a fish and spinach dish. I will also have 2 tablespoons of coconut oil with my morning coffee, freaking amazing! I'll have butter with my nightly steak, and then 2 tablespoons of peanut butter pre workout.

  6. Apple cider vinegar with meals. 1 mile treadmill, all the Cauliflower you can eat, no processed foods, no non organic chicken.coconut oil. 6 oz of meat per meal only. And Abs workouts every day.

  7. Why ACV? And I'm passing on gym cardio as I walk about 2-3 miles a day at work.

  8. It's very good for digestion. Cardio heart rate to encourage good blood flow.

  9. I beleive in some cardio that gets the heart beat up 120-150 bpm for a steady pace of 15-30min per day just my suggestion.. I am up on my feet all day and that alone doesn't helping much when leaning out...
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  10. Keto Macro Help

    Appreciate the input on cardio, thanks gents! However, I will get my diet on point and get back in the gym and let things settle for a couple of weeks before I get on the cardio train. My primary issue is ****ty diet so I will most likely see great results right off the bat by eating low card and working the muscles that are hiding under this fat. I'm essentially untrained as we speak, haven't had a routine in 6 months or so. Once things get up and running, I'll hit some HIIT as that's worked out very well for me in the past.

  11. I think your calories are way too low. Your 226 eating 1900 calories, how many more calories can you cut. Pretty soon your going to be like 215 eating 1500 calories. I think u should up your calories and rethink your work load


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