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  1. Keto Question

    I'm using a party simple keto diet and I started tracking my diet and macros in this My Keto Log app. It's pretty handy. I was messing around on the app today and found a macro calculator. And in this calculator, I was given this information:

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    My day-end macros, however read much lower than the weight loss suggestion. Currently, I consistently take in 1690 calories, 11.1g carbs, 159.3g fats, and 45.8g protein. I fast from 5pm-1pm daily. I wake up at 9:30am, take care of my kids until I go to work at 2pm. I work until 12am and work out at 12:30am.

  2. Workout consists of 45 minutes on the Stairmaster, interval setting, level 10. HIIT on recumbent exercise bike, 30 seconds max effort, 30 seconds low effort, for 15 minutes. I then use machines to work abs and obliques, and cycle weight training.

    My main goal is weight loss. I understand that there will be muscle loss along the way as well and I'm perfectly fine with that, as I'll be cycling back up and cutting in effort to lean out each time.

    My question is this: do I need to increase any of my macros to the suggested daily intake in order to achieve ketosis, or is my current intake sufficient? I don't supplement with anything currently, other than a multi and fish oil, as I'd like to keep insulin in check. Any and all input and suggestions are greatly appreciated. I've lost 10 lb in the last week with current setup, no issues with hunger, a little bit of fatigue at the end of the night, fwiw.

  3. What are your current stats? (height, weight, age, etc.). 1690 calories per day seems a bit low in my opinion, but it depends on where you are currently. I would also caution you with losing that much weight so quickly. You should aim to lose no more than 2 pounds per week while dieting - this will help to keep weight loss consistent and prevent stalls/plateaus. Losing 10lbs per week is not sustainable and you will end up slowing you metabolism down by undereating.

    For strict keto at 1690 calories per day, your macros look okay. I always find that protein is a bit low for my liking on a strict keto setup, so you may want to increase protein a bit after the first few weeks. Regarding supplementation, I would be sure that you're using salt with your meals and supplementing with a potassium/electrolyte product. I would recommend checking out Powermax XT, which is a solid daily staple product that includes an electrolyte blend along with creatine, betaine, and other good ingredients that should be used daily.
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  4. I'm 6'2", 222lb, 31 years old. I do use a zero calorie electrolyte drink mix, but there is no magnesium in anything I could find. I thought to look at Pedialyte as well, but no mags in there either. Thoughts? I also eat one whole avocado per day, which should help the potassium aspect along. It seems that that's the one electrolyte mineral that's going to be really difficult to keep up.

  5. Not a fan of traditional keto, I'd cut the fat in half and replace the calories with protien. 300mg a fat per day is a insane amount of fat in my eyes, and I've never herd of someone getting fat from eating more protein. I also think that your calories are way too low.

  6. Adding more protein probably won't make you fat but could kick you out of Keto if you are truly in ketosis and not just doing a high fat low carb diet.

    I've played around with variations and had good success. Jon Andersons Deep Water diet has worked well, essentially double my protein compared to fats, 100fats, 200 protein as an example.

    1600 calories does seem low for someone working out.

  7. Where'd you settle your macros at @Fat2fit2017?

  8. Quote Originally Posted by cstallion View Post
    Where'd you settle your macros at @Fat2fit2017?
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  9. I usually come in way low on carbs, a little under on protein

  10. It's cool i found another person doing the keto diet. I actually follow this site ketoresource
    Useful tips and can always email them for better tips. This saved my life as i suffered and lost a lot of weight from them.


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