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  1. Whatcha think?

    So ive been dieting down and lost alot of fat, I'm literaly looking leaner and leaner everyday.
    Just out of curiosity, without me having to test for ketosis, do you think I'm in ketosis with these macros? I eat this way everyday, its about 2200 caloriesName:  Screenshot_2017-08-17-15-35-30.png
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  2. And I also do 60mins liss cardio and or 15min hiit everyday

  3. Your protein is really low and fat is higher than it needs to be for a weightlifter, as I'm sure others will speak to. That being said, while everyone is different, your 18g of net carbs should have you in ketosis. I float between 15 and 25g of net carbs and always test fine, but again, we are all different.
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  4. Most deffinately looks like ketosis I hope your protein isn't to low... but some people are slightly different

  5. Ok, so what should be my max protein intake for 2200calories a day without too much gluconeogenesis knocking me out of keto?

  6. Thats me now, il show where I was 3 months ago

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    Three months ago, was 250 now im 185
    I ran clen and do massive cardio and strict diet

  8. I'll wait for some of the keto experts to weigh in, but props on the cut. From the way you look, maybe we need to be copying you! Looking lean!
    "It's the human condition to always lust, to always lust for more
    Searching in the dark, it's time to tame your wandering heart."

  9. Thank you lol, I just know that once I got my food scale and stopped trying to rely on drugs only, and actually relying on diet and exercise, I started transforming

  10. Oh and I also intermittent fast everyday.
    Typically 20 hour fast 4 hour feeding, but every couple days I do 23/1 protocol. I think that its one really big reason I'm leaning out so well

  11. 23/1 means you only eat for 1 hour a day? How much weight have you lost?

  12. Yep 70lbs in 3-4 months

  13. Mind you, alot of water and muscle lost too, not 70lbs all fat
    Its a sacrifice I chose

  14. By the way, since I fast everyday, I take advantage of my low insulin and take yohimbe every 3 hours while fasted and do alot of cardio or just moving around

  15. Quote Originally Posted by Sharlaralphie View Post
    Yep 70lbs in 3-4 months
    omg thats awesome! Did you take anything?
    edit: i meant like t3 or phs

  16. I ran clen for two weeks but all honesty, diet and exercise is what made this possible.
    I'm so dedicated because I'm going to the Philippines to visit my wife so I'm getting my abs ready haha
    Its just consistency

  17. And im very obsessive so once every week or so, I do a fat fast day where I only eat 10 scoops of mayo all day, 5 scoops at 1pm and 5 scoops at 5pm
    I figure it helps ketosis

  18. And every 14-15 days I eat a huge carb meal to stabilize my leptin and ghrelin and prevent plateau

  19. Well done with the cut dude , 70lbs in 4 months, jheeze Could you fill me in please, is clen a muscle builder or a leaning agent?

  20. How often are you training during this cut?

  21. Everyday,
    I wake up do fasted cardio, typically 15 mins hiit and 45mins liss cardio,
    Later In the day, anaerobic training, then usually at night 40 mins liss cardio. I just walk fast around the neighborhood for liss

  22. Btw clen is just for accelerated metabolism, didn't even do much for me. Just stick to diet and exercise, mind you I overtrain. Cardio 3-5 times a week with proper diet will work

  23. Oh, and just to see how efficient my diet is, I went two weeks without cardio, I just kept an adequate deficit from my tdee. And I still dropped the fat


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