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  1. What sources do you get your protein and carbs from?

  2. What sources are your protein and carbs from?

  3. I used random forums and some times body space... I meen you can keep you protein significantly low but the lowest I usually run protein 0.85g per pound

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    And im very obsessive so once every week or so, I do a fat fast day where I only eat 10 scoops of mayo all day, 5 scoops at 1pm and 5 scoops at 5pm
    I figure it helps ketosis
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  5. I eat 3 whole eggs 42 grams mayo and 40grams avocado everyday two times a day
    And I usually put 42grams coconut oil in my coffee

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    I feel im maintaining muscle mass pretty well

  7. Gluconeogenesis is supply and demand, the further you get into Keto the less glucose you need. Stick to atleast 1g/lb protein if you a lifter, your at the min protein is to low for decent nitrogen retention. Honestly don't worry about protein, I ate up to 1.5g/lb and was still over 1 millimolar after testing at the end of a day. Just buy a monitor if you're worried.


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