Whats your take?

  1. Whats your take?

    Ok so ive been doing pretty good, ive lost about 4% bf in two months dieting.
    Im just curious though, my diet is working, but is this keto? Or is my protein too high?

    75g protein
    4g carbs
    160g fat

    Its around 1800 calories,
    And ive barely lost any muscle, as a matter of fact ive leaner up so much the definition in my muscles actually make me look bigger if I did lose any muscle.

    I started at 250lbs and im not 185lbs

  2. Yes thats Keto but that protein is super low? If its just fat loss you want then tick on but i would look anorexic on that low of a protein. Just me though. Do you feel fine on this?

  3. Congrats on the loss also! Suppose if you reach a target weight you could just bulk and look good in the end up

  4. I would prolly take in. Around 160grams of protein and wouldnt hurt to raise your carbs a little 50-70grams on training days around your workouts just my $.02 congrats on your loss that's amazing....

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    I feel good, just hungry at times. My arms are around 16.75in

  6. Lol I would be staving all the time I have had macros like that before... and usually would cave after 3 weeks and eat some crap food...

  7. Ive been eating like this for 4-5 months

  8. Congrats on the progress, and keep up the good work!

    Is 4g of carbs your net carb intake? Make sure you're eating enough fiber if your carbs are that low. I also agree that increasing protein would probably be beneficial, but fiber is the most important thing I would address here
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