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  1. endocrine issues

    hi, I don't know if this is the right forum but my biggest and most annoying issue is weight gain with the inability to loose weight. A few years ago, my thyroid went haywire and I gained a bunch of weight. I got my thyroid straightened out via bovine thyroid supplement but no weight loss occurred. Ive since then had several tests done checking hormones and trying to balance everything. This has changed over the years but my most recent tests showed low test, low dhea, estrogens kind of low and lower cortisol but high cortisone (cortisol stores, inactive form). So im not converting enough of it into cortisol... If I exercise I gain weight... I can't do any cardio. I've tried things like yoga with no results, have just gone to lifting weights with very little result regarding muscle gain and no fat loss with any of it. I have no appetite and so eat maybe once or twice a day just simply because I'm not hungry. I used to snack and eat all the time, just not hungry. When I have days where I really dread eating, I at least drink a protein shake with oatmeal ground up in it. I do keep up on all my vitamins and nutrition so I don't have a lot of deficiencies. ill post my test results below. ANY feedback, ideas questions would be appreciated. Thank you. Quick add-on. NO diets have worked. I have tried all of them.. :-(

    24 hr urine genova labs. Done on Day 15. measurement is micromol/24hr. Estrogens are mcg/g

    Pregnanediol 3.54 .7-7.1 Range

    DHEA .17 .2-1.6 Range
    Androsterone 4.81 2.3-9.7 Range
    Etiocholanolone 3.45 2.4-9.4 Range
    11-Keto-anddrosterone .12 .3-1.9 Range
    11-Keto-etiochaolanolone 2.04 .3-1.8 Range
    11-Hydroxy-androsterone 4.56 1.3-4.8 Range
    11-Hydroxy-etiocholanolone 1.77 .5-2.7 Range
    17-ketosteroids, Total* 16.9 9.9-30.6 Range

    Testosterone .13 .16-.65 Range
    Androstanediol <dl <=.25 Range

    Pregnanetriol 2.91 1-3.9 Range
    allo-Tetrahydrocortisol, a-THF 3.76 1.1-5.6 Range
    Tetrahydrodeoxycortisol, THS .35 <=1.2
    Tetrahydrocortisone 125.6 7.8-91.1 Range
    Tetrahydrocortisol 6.33 2.4-7 Range
    17-Hydroxysteroids, Total* 139 12.3-112 Range

    Estrone (E1) 19.1 2-26.2 Range
    Estradiol (E2) 5.6 .6-11.2 Range
    Estriol (E3) 5.2 .6-19.9 Range

    Estrogen Metabolites
    [2-OH(E1+E2)] 18.4 1.3-36.3 Range
    (16Alpha-OH E1) 3.8 .5-8.9 Range
    [4-OH(E1+E2)] .8 <=5.9 Range
    [2MeO(E1+E2)] 6.4 .2-8.6 Range
    [4MeO(E1+E2)] <dl <=1 Range

    Anabolic/Catabolic Balance .1 .1-1.5 Range
    E/A: 5Beta/5Alpha Ratio .7 .7-1.9 Range
    2-OH(E1+E2)/16Alpha-OHE1 4.8 .3-13.7 Range
    2-OH(E1+E2)/2-MeO(E1+E2) 2.9 1.6-10.7 Range

    Saliva profile (ZRT Labs) Done on day 20

    Estradiol .6 1.3-3.3 Range
    Progesterone 86 75-270 Range
    Ratio: Pg/E2 143 100-500 Range
    Estriol <.9 <3.0 Range
    Estrone 3.5 3.2-7.9 Range
    Testosterone 23 16-55 Range
    DHEAS 1.8 2-23 Range
    Cortisol Morning (6:30am) 4.2 3.7-9.5 Range
    Cortisol Noon (1:15pm) 3.1 1.2-3.0 Range
    Cortisol evening (7:38pm) 1.2 .6-1.9 Range
    Cortosol night (12:25am) 2.4 .4-1.0 Range

    TSH <.006 .450-4.500 Range
    T4 Free 1.84 0.82-1.77 Range
    T3 Free 4.1 2.0-4.4 Range
    My TSH stays suppressed regardless of whether or not I'm on thyroid medicine

  2. I think you know that someone here will tell you to go to a doctor.

    So you need a doctor. Glandulars will only work so much. You could have any number of things wrong, from superficial to serious.
    Go to a doctor who can diagnose you properly, because this is one of the most complicated things that medicine has to deal with.

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    Your TSH may not change even on the meds, you were on bovine before which iirc is t3/t4 combo?

    Disclose that to your doctor, and get to an endo for a professional opinion.

    Once you have that, share his/her suggestion and then we likely have members with experience or input for you moving forward
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  4. I actually have been to 20 different endocrinologists and 4 DO's and my gynecologist who specializes in hormone therapy... Ive been fighting this problem for 3 years. (I guess I should have mentioned that). all the endo's wanted to do was force me onto synthetics for my thyroid after i told them i don't respond well to synthetic thyroid hormone. This is how i ended up on my current otc bovine thyroid which is 100mcg of t4 and 25mcg of t3. None of them had any answers and only mentioned how fascinating my bloodwork was... Same on the DOs and my gynecologist is lost. She said she's not seen or been able to treat this before. So I'm here hoping for some answers or ideas from people with knowledge of how hormones work in the body. Ive gained enough weight during this time that it is concerning me. I keep up on my supplements so im still in pretty good health but my concern is that my body can only sustain this for so long before it fails and i start having failing health from the weight... Any thoughts on what i could research even, would be helpful. Thank you

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