loosing weight

  1. loosing weight

    I have lost 40 lds and lately my weight has stopped dropping. What can I do to get the weight to continue t come off I still have 140 lbs to go. I have been reading about keto but am not sure where to start.

  2. Welcome to Anabolic Minds! Congratulations on losing 40 pounds towards your goal.

    If you have a question of Keto Dieting, we have some very knowledgeable people here.
    A few questions as well.

    1. How much was your start weight?
    2. What is your height? Exercise experience?
    3. Did, do you take any supplements?
    4. How old are you?

    You mentioned the 40 pound drop, of 180 (to lose total)

    5. How long did it take you to lose the 40 pounds?
    6. Has anything changed since, or over the period of time? Stresses? Dietary? Medication?

    Someone may recommend a metabolism restart if you lost over a shorter period of time. A purposed re-feed.
    What does your diet look like? Proteins / Carbs / Fats

    Changing things up, may be the right thing to do in order to confuse the body and get you back into losing again.
    How about that exercise thing? Changing that routine may help too.
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  3. I'll try to keep it short. increase your activity levels or lower your calories. Justhere4comm mentioned a refeed. Basically if your calories have been really low for a while you might wanna take a day and just eat whatever you want and then switch back to your diet the next day or so. When you eat strict for extended periods of time this can help

  4. You could try eating at maintenance for a few weeks before returning to a deficit. This'll convince your body it's safe to shed more fat

  5. I'm a 37yr old 5'9". My starting wwight was 373. I started with a trainer in the beginning and quit. I then joined the ymca and a program called activetrax and I was using pre-workout and thermofit and sweet sweat. My eating habits were ok until December since then I have lost 3 family members and have not bouced back. Before everything I was a lover of boot camps and kickboxing. Now Im trying to get on track and the weight is not going anywhere.



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