Guys, I am not losing weight!

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    What im referring to is a carbohydrate or protein induced insulin spike, which will cause you to inhibit fat burning to a degree, depending on what type of protein/carb and how much.

    Rule of thumb, insulin can benefit you around workout due to its nutrient transporting and anabolic properties, and if fat loss is the main concern, keeping insulin low, which keeps GH higher, is ideal because lipolysis and fat oxidation will be elevated.
    In the end it is a caloric surplus or deficit that will change results though
    I knew what you were getting at but people who do not have the knowledge to decipher that like we do see High Insulin = Fat and that take it at face value and to heart. Especially when you accompany it with a pic of you looking like a stud!

    So I was breaking it down for them more than you. I could look at your physique and see that you use insulin as a tool and well from what it looks like.

    I assume you probably follow a Lean Gains type of approach with your IF? It works great for building muscle and burning fat. I like the idea of flipping the switch from fat burning to anabolism at will. Although I have had my best results doing what I call Build and Burn Days. Similar to his 20/20 but more like 20/40-50 where my deficit is much larger on my Burn days and I often fast 18-24 hours those days then do the normal 16/8 on Build days in a 20-30% surplus. Ihave made some awesome progress recomp / cutting with that set up.
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    Nice, I agree with everything but the cheat meals.

    Curious, How much weight did you have to lose to get under 200lbs, and how long did it take you to find your maintenance calories that are keeping you from regaining the weight without any cardio?

    If referring to me saying there should be Zero cheat meals, you may be mistaking a planned free meal, or refeed for a cheat meal. Cheat meals are just that, cheating yourself and the nutrition plan. A planned refeed or free meal is a good thing. A cheat meal means you cheated... you did not stick to your diet. Its not the same thing. That's why I said he should not have any cheat meals, his higher caloric meals should be eaten with intent. Doesn't mean he can't have goodies at that meal but it should be for a purpose other than just tasting yummy food. Trying to give the guy optimal practices, not lifestyle generalizations about nutrition. Both work but for someone starting a thread asking why he isn't losing weight I figured he would want optimal solutions, and then take what he wants and leave the rest.

    As an example of things that can be easily used in your program that are not typically seen as anything you would eat during a period of focusing on fat loss. I use poptarts, or dry sugary cereal for a lot of my post workout carbs. I need the insulin release, it is both easy to eat, and digest which makes it perfect for this time. It is also a time that I am just too amped up to eat most other foods, and they will often make me sick. However nothing like that happens here with the Pop Tarts because they are easy to eat and digest. I get my micro-nutrients from all of my other meals so the fact there are not a ton of them in this is not a problem at all. I am purely after the glycogen and the insulin response here and it works perfectly for me. I have been doing this throughout the last 4 weeks while also losing at least 6lbs of fat and adding 2lbs of muscle back on. Some might consider that a cheat food but in this case it is not. It is planned and the food source picked specifically based on the reaction I want my body to have to the food. So my staunch belief in no cheat meals does not mean that there are not times where highly processed foods can not be of great assistance as long as used with appropriate timing and specificity.
    This is exactly what I meant on *cheat*

  3. Hcg diet is th go to diet for men. Amazing results and it actually works.

    Dr B

  4. Quote Originally Posted by trtdoc View Post
    Hcg diet is th go to diet for men. Amazing results and it actually works.

    Dr B
    Shooting hCG and eating 500kcal a day for 3-6 weeks..... sounds like a brilliant diet......

  5. It is a brilliant idea. Dr Simeon revolutionized the best diet available to the public. I would know considering I have had thousands of my patients successfully complete the diet.

    Dr B



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