help with macros

  1. help with macros

    quick question. Ive been counting macros at 1.0 x bodyweight for protein, 0.5 x bodyweight for fat and currently 1.25 x bodyweight for carbs. I plan on doing a carb slide and dropping carbs by .25 every two weeks. my question is, since I'm 210 lbs at approximately 22 percent body fat, should I calculate using a lower bodyweight? I just feel my numbers might be kind of high. currently doing 5 lifting days a week and ending each with 2 tabatas and 20 minutes of slow steady cardio. thanks on advance! just would hate to eat clean and bust my ass and not lose fat

  2. How long have you been consistent with tracking? This works out to 210g protein, 105g fat, and 260g carbs = 2,870 calories per day.

    Just from a quick glance, I think your fat intake seems rather high, and total calories may be high depending on your goals. I assume you're cutting, so you may want to adjust a few things, mainly fat intake. I like to keep my fats between 20-30% of my overall calories. I would begin by lower fats to 70-80g per day at the most, which will lower your calorie intake by about 300 calories. This will put your total calorie intake around 2550, which would probably be a better place to start.

    At the end of the day, if you aren't consistently losing weight while diet and training stay consistent, your calories are probably too high.
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  3. help with macros

    My personal preference when cutting is to set protein at 1.5g per lb of body weight for satiation purposes, fats at 0.4g per lb of body weight for hormonal balance and then the remainder from carbs. I tend to cut at a caloric intake anywhere between a multiple of 13 to 15 x body weight, depending on how much I want to lose per week (0.5 to 1 lb)

    Your current caloric intake based on your macro breakdown is ~2835 calories which equates to your body weight x13.5, so that would give you ~205g of carbs per day based on my cutting protocol. Are you currently losing weight at the caloric intake you suggested?

    I reset my weekly caloric intake based on my average weight of the previous week.

  4. thanks a lot for the reply man, very informative. I'll drop the fat a bit lower. Just love those egg yolks

  5. thanks for the reply @mickc1965. I recalculated the carbs this week as I wasnt losing fat. cut my fat down as well as both of you have suggested. Seeing better results now



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