Weight Loss Changes For 3 Months

  1. Weight Loss Changes For 3 Months

    This is a new diet plan,
    Everyone has different attitudes towards new things,Someone will be active to try it,Someone will object it.
    In the last thread,
    Some people say that can not see any changes, here to share one more, Name:  clear.png
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    I am sharing 159, not for anything else,
    Only for respect for life,
    For love and responsibility of family .
    If one day,
    I share with you to eat 159,
    Not for anything else, only for you having a good body;
    If one day,
    I suggest you or your family to start eating 159,
    Not for any other reason, only for healthy living,
    To give the family and the child a glorious future;
    If one day,
    I suggest you introducing your friends to start eating 159,
    Not for anything else
    Only for you and friends in the sunset with worry-free smile;
    Please treat yourself carefully,life is only once.
    Ahead of respecting your health! Make life more exciting!

  2. So, what's the diet?

  3. It is 159 vegetarian meals.

  4. Well your results are great! Looking good!

  5. Are the meals all in a row for 53 days? Do you account for calories and macros, or simply just going vegetarian?

  6. According to yourself, you can replace all meals a day, if you can't adjust it, start with 1 or 2 meals replacement first, when you are used to the diet , replace it gradually. It is flexible.

  7. Results look good!


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