Short mini cuts?

  1. Short mini cuts?

    Any of you guys implement them?

    Currently end of week 1 of a 3-4 week mini cut. I run these every 4 month or so just to lean out. 500 - 700 calorie deficit.

    Last bulk thier i just started as a *lean bulk* but with 2 holiday periods in 10 weeks i bulked far too hard and seen more fat than usual but for me personally i dont mind some fat gain as i dont scrimp on foods.

    Do you find these benificial overall? I dont think i could do a 12-16 week cut as the hunger eventually kills me (I would love to have that willpower) but to do a 3-4 week one is manageable and well ive gained muscle and stayed relatively lean over the last couple year.

    What do use all think?

  2. I typically will do an 8 week cut if I do one. I think a 3-4 week cut every 4 months would be good to shed a litte bit of fat. It all depends on the user and what their diet and age is. It may be harder for someone holder to even see any change in 3-4 weeks. It may take longer.
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  3. Short mini cuts?

    All depends on body fat percentage and goals. As long as you are content with bf each mini cut then they can be beneficial for sure. Go with what works for you
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  4. I think it is very useful every once in a while if you are lean bulking. You can lose the small amount of fat you gained from the bulk and keep most if not all of the lean mass you put on during the lean bulk.

  5. I think it depends on how consistent you stay with your bulk. If you can gain 1-1.5 pounds per week consistently and not overdo you bulk then I think short mini-cuts work great. But I would agree with @LeanEngineer on doing a longer 6-8 week mini-cut, as 3-4 weeks is a very short window. It really all comes down to how your body responds to bulking and cutting.

    I think that an ectomorph would be able to get away with this approach, where an endomorph (aka me) would need to spend longer periods dieting. It's also very dependent on what you're comfortable with - if you don't mind walking around at 13-15% body fat then go for it. Some prefer to maintain a lower body fat, which requires longer/more frequent dieting phases or a more moderate approach while bulking
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