Accidental recomp?

  1. Accidental recomp?

    Upped Test again from trt levels to 500/wk, upped protein and fat as well and kept carbs where they were.. measurements on arms,quads and chest are going up, weight has only increased 1 lb but waist measurement is slowly going down. I upped protein by 150 grams a day and fats about 80 rams more a day. Is it the lack of increased carbs thats causing me to lean up even in a surplus? I have ran a handful of cycles before, but have never experienced the slimming while gaining size before. Any input welcome.

  2. seems like you just found the perfect ration of cals/diet to test levels... not uncommon at all to recomp on a moderate cycle with a moderate cal increase. Congrats on finding your personal perfect formula!
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  3. Hmm. I'm no doctor, but maybe it's the testosterone...As in, it's the testosterone.

  4. That's awesome bro.

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