Cutting period diet+supps

  1. Cutting period diet+supps

    Hi guys,
    I'm a boy with the following data: 177cmx86kg, 30 years old.
    This is my diet + supp. I planned a an high protein diet with a refeed with 600gr of chos

    1 pump of formestane
    1cps of thermobombs
    1 scoop of cannibal carnage

    50gr of Whey
    20gr of dark chocolate (99%)
    Vitamins+ 5cps of Sup3r PCT

    Morning and afternoon snack
    50gr of Whey
    20gr of almonds

    Pre lunch
    1cps of thermobombs

    200gr of chicken/ turkey
    10gr of coconut oil with broccoli

    Pre dinner
    1 pump of formestane

    200gr of chicken/ turkey
    10gr of coconut oil with broccoli
    5cps of Sup3r PCT

    Pre bed
    50gr of cheese

    Post workout
    50gr of iso sensation

    Looking for advices to improve my diet

  2. How many cals is that? What is your TDEE? Macro breakdown?
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  3. 250gr of protein, 55 of fats, 10gr of chos...more or less 1500kcals with a refeed of over 5000kcal...I have a tdee of 3000kcal

  4. How often are your refeeds? Your carbs are low enough to be in ketosis, but your fats are too low to support a ketogenic diet. Carbs and fats are both very low considering your current stats.

    What is your current estimated body fat? Are you currently losing weight on this diet?

    Keep in mind that dropping calories faster isn't smarter. You might lose more weight initially, but at some point you will need to adjust and lower calories. If your starting point is 1500 calories, you are leaving yourself with very little room for adjustments. Any particular reason your carbs are so low?
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  5. Every sunday with 800-900gr of chos. The bf is around 12% and I'm losing weight..I decreased the calories slowly
    I have a really low quantity of chos because of the high quantity in the refeed



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