Supplements /Weight loss lean out

  1. Supplements /Weight loss lean out

    Looking for some advice .. been doing some ready On supplements. I fully understand there not Magic bullet on WeightLoss ..clean diet and eating is the base of weight loss just looking to add some supplemts for better results
    Looking for some advice on some additional supplements that I wanted to add in
    My diet is clean eating 2800-3000 Cals per day (this will tapper down)

    BMI 28 %

    My training is
    gym 2 day Crossfit 3 days
    Fish oil

    I wanted to run
    Sup3r 7 stacked with Sup3r Shred fat burner ??
    The question can I add a test booster with this stack ?or do I go with a Andro1

    Will a test booster be more productive than a pH?

    With the ph I'm prepared to get the correct PCT
    My blood tests gave me 329 on testosterone
    Any suggestion would be great

  2. Looks like you've done your homework - solid post.

    If you're new to PH's and test boosters, I would start with something less aggressive and see how it treats you. Using a natural test booster would be a good starting point to see how your body responds. PH's can be effective, but they can also bring on unwanted side effects.

    To answer your first question, yes. You would be fine with adding a test booster to that stack, as both of those products are non-hormonal.

    Regarding a test booster of a PH, I think it would be best to start with a test booster. There are a few great products available that can be very beneficial naturally with improving body composition and helping to increase test naturally. I would highly recommend reading up on Alphamax XT. It's a very well rounded natural test booster that also includes a natural AI to limit estrogen and cortisol. Alphamax XT also contains forskolin, which has been studied to help improve body composition.

    I've always had great success with using Alphamax XT on a cut/recomp. It can also be beneficial for improving recovery and sleep quality. If you're on the fence between natural anabolics and PH's, I would at least give a top shelf natural anabolic product a try first before experimenting with PH's. Something like Alphamax XT might be all you need to give you the extra push to achieve your goals, and it will eliminate the fear and possibility of side effects that might follow a PH cycle.
    Performax Labs Online Company Rep

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