Counting soluble fiber as carbs???

  1. Counting soluble fiber as carbs???

    I'm 3 weeks out and thus far have counted fiber as carbs in everything I tracked. Recently purchased FIBERLYZE by species nutrition and it contains 9g soluble fiber. That's it. I've read that this fiber doesn't even digest in the body and that I shouldn't count it. Others say do count it as a carb like I have been. Being this close to the show not sure what to do! Just trying to poop! Lol

  2. From what I've read, it depends on specific product. Most fiber contribute some calories but I think there is no clear consensus on how much exactly, just ranges where it might be. For sure less than carbs, I'd say should be less than half.

  3. ^^ I'd agree with the above. I wouldn't count it as a true carb. If you do count it I would say cut the number in half like said above. Then you're in the middle of counting it and not counting it haha
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  4. Being 3 weeks out I'd be consistent with counting as you were.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Tylerclee View Post
    Being 3 weeks out I'd be consistent with counting as you were.
    This ^^
    Being so close to the end I would count everything

  6. MiraLAX will help restore your bowel movements if you choose not to increase your fiber intake. It's safe to take daily. Just keep in mind you'll have to increase your water consumption.
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  7. I am by no means an expert BUT if you are preparing for a show, want to shine and do your best I would take the most restrictive approach!

  8. A lot of people have questions about fiber and calorie/macro totals. If you stay consistent with your method of tracking you should be fine. If you've been counting fiber toward your totals, keep doing that. Especially if you're only 3 weeks out, I wouldn't change your methods of macro tracking.

    I've always counted fiber toward my totals. It's easier to track that way, and it eliminates the variable and questions that follow with different types and sources of fiber. I try to keep it simple and be consistent as possible.
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  9. My take is, if you were say, 8 weeks out I would not count is or be as criticial as I would be being 3 weeks out

    I think Palumbo HAS addressed this in some of his videos

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