Hey everyone, I'll jump into the information. Doing EC Stack and have yohimbine HCL. Done hours of research but need help for my specific scenario. I'm cutting a large amount of weight over next month or two. I do cross country 5 days a week and wrestling 3, saturdays are my off days. So I know I need a caloric deficit to cut efficiently which I've been working on. I was wondering how I should time everything. I usually have my runs at 0700, thats 4 days a week, and wrestling in the evenings on 3 days a week. How should i time these two supplements, protein, etc.? Should I be doing yohimbine at like 0600, then EC stack at like 10:00 and 2:00? How should I time food with this? Fasted cardio? Best time for breakfast if any, how should I fast and all food within a certain hour range? BTW wrestling is usually at 6 PM so have time for stack to cool down. Really need help with using these properly and to 100% maximize everything. And yes I'm aware of the risks and I don't have any history of disease, blood pressure problems, etc. Thanks for all help and input!