Get ready to look I-O-Fine with Iodine!

  1. Get ready to look I-O-Fine with Iodine!

    Well, maybe not that dramatic but you get the gist of it. Since I started Iodine therapy (a protocol involving steady daily doses of iodine ranging somewhere in the 1000mcgs to 3000mcgs range-varying doses as needed to keep Herx/detox reactions down) I have lost a pesky 10 pounds and kept it off with ease, even despite some lapses in my diet plan. Iodine is food for thyroids and thyroids moderate your metabolisms. So a healthy thyroid will keep you at a healthy weight and iodine is just the thing to keep that thyroid running in top form.

    I prefer kelp tablets or an iodine with companion nutrients and minerals that aid absorbtion and offset any kind of deficiency issues that may set your system out of whack. For the most part just remember "Iodine good" and don't get it from processed salt because that $hit'll kill ya!

    People often experience detox symptoms(braing fog, feverish, bad mood, anxiety) as the iodine displaces harmful heavy metals and "halogens" from the thyroid and other parts of the body where they reside typically, hogging up all that good gland space and keeping you from absorbing that wonderful iodine we are so largely deficient of.

    The best way to remedy this is to drink more fluids, take extra vitamin C and if you need to, dial back the dosing of your iodine.

    Safe bet is to say about 1000mcgs for starters, maybe space out your doses if you don't handle that well. You should see effects pretty soon and if you keep it up after a month or two, most of the detox reactions should have subsided and you'll just sail smoothly from then on - finding it much easier to maintain a healthy weight.

    Iodine sufficiency comes with it a slew of other health benefits beyond weight management, but that's for another time and place.

    If you're worried about taking mroe than the RDA of Iodine just remember that number is there only to keep you alive, not to keep you well. Same with vitamin C, the RDA is enough to keep your free from scurvy but it won't keep you optimal. same idea.

    The Japanese consume on average about 16 mgs of iodine a you should be fine on 1 or 2 mg. Granted iodine is best eased into, but humans-over time can adapt to very high amounts. considering the us RDA is something like 150mcgs, which is laughable once you begin to realize the power of higher doses.


  2. I'm a big fan of Iodoral (High Potency Iodine/Potassium Iodide Supplement), been using it for years. It's definitely one of the best forms to take.

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