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  1. Long Term Changes

    I am trying to change my mindset about nutrition. My training has been fairly consistent for 20 plus years but my nutrition has been on but mostly off for those times. I logged my training and nutrition in a prior log during 2013: Time to get cut but I slumped off on eating and gained all my weight back. I love lifting but I need to see the fruits of my labor, not to mention that I need to be lighter since I am creeping on 40. So here we go: I am 6'1" and 290 lbs. I typically do about 20 sets per body part and 8-15 reps per set. My plan for my nutrition is to eat about 300 grams of protein, 150 grams of carbs, and about 60 grams of fat. Supplements will be whey protein, creatine and occasionally a pre-workout depending on energy levels. I usually do about 3 cardio sessions per week at 20 minutes but I plan to increase cardio as this has helped in the past.

    Here's photos (not proud but I gotta be honest):




    Any ideas about nutrition are appreciated. I will be posting daily nutrition logs and macros and workouts. If you follow, thanks for your support.


  2. Can't upload nutrition but here's the macros for yesterday:


    I trained back but I was low energy due to some sleep deprivation from an early morning fishing trip but here's the workout.

    Pull Downs-12x150,190,190
    Cambered Bar bent over rows- 3x12x135
    Hammer strength rows-3x15x1 plate

    Low weight and volume but it was all I could muster.

  3. Your calories seem low for your stats....
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  4. I'm in man, keep up the good work.

  5. Calories were low. I'm trying to get around 3200 for now. I had a HS reunion this weekend, drank a bit much. Back on it today, lifting chest and tri's. Thanks for the subs.

  6. Chest:

    Rotator cuff warm up

    Incline Press 135x15, 185x10, 3x8x225

    Dips- BWx8,7,6

    Incline Flyes-12x30,40,45

    Pec Dec-15x50,60,70


    Rope push downs-15x50,70,90

    1 arm overhead DB extensions: 3x12x30

  7. Macros- fat 111, carbs 316, protein 253

    25 minutes cardio

  8. Keep working at it, you'll get there.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Billy R View Post
    Keep working at it, you'll get there.

  10. Patience is the key.
    Quote Originally Posted by hubbabubba View Post

  11. Workout today- Back-Felt tired until I was 15 minutes in, them I felt great!

    Wide Grip Pull Ups 3x3

    Lat Pull Downs Reverse Grip with EZ Curl Bar-
    15x150, 12x170, 10x190, 7x210

    T-Bar Rows (leaning on pad)-15x2 plates, 10x3 plates, 8 x4 plates

    Meadows Row-3x15x1 plate

    Hammer Strength High Row (hands above grips on levers) 3x12x1 plate per side with a 2 second static hold at contraction

    Lat Bar pull overs 3x10x40

    20 min of moderate cardio

    Macros will come after last meal.

  12. Macros

  13. Arms today-Only had 25 minutes

    Life Fitness Curl Machine-20x70. 15x90, 12x110, 7x130 drop 15x70

    Dumbell Curls-10x40, 8x50, 8x60 drop 10x35

    EZ Bar curls- 3x20x60

    Tricep Pushdown-15x50, 100, 150, 200

    Reverse Dips (feet on Bench)-3x15xbw

    One arm overhead extensions-3x10x30

    No Time for cardion

  14. Macros- I went overboard today on carbs but that's what happens when you don't prepare meals!


  15. Quote Originally Posted by hubbabubba View Post
    Macros- I went overboard today on carbs but that's what happens when you don't prepare meals!

    What's your goal? Cut or bulk?
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  16. Quote Originally Posted by reps4jesus View Post
    What's your goal? Cut or bulk?
    Cut. I ate way too many calories. We will see what the scale says tomorrow.

  17. Wish i could cut with 140g of fat!

  18. Haha! Well yesterday was a bad day! I've list a couple lbs this week. I'm down to 288 and probably would have lost a lb or so more if I hadn't gone crazy. I have at least 50 lbs to lose and I've found that severely cutting calories early on sets me up for failure. When I start shaping up, I am more motivated to restrict calories. Right now, I'm trying to keep my calories between 3200-3300. I had a low carb day today but felt great probably due to the huge carb day yesterday.

    Today's workout-Shoulder

    DB Overhead Presses-15x40s, 60s,80s,80s

    Side raises-5x15x30s, last set drop set 12x30, 10x20, 10x10

    Hammer strength behind neck presses- 15x1 plate per side, 15x2 plates ps, 9x3 plates ps

    Cable side raises (alternating sets between each arm no breaks) 3x10x30

    Tri-sets Raises (10 reps front, 10 side, 10 rear) 3 sets with 15s

    Shrugs 15x100, 110, 120

    Cardio-4 mile walk



    I got stuck at a picnic and had to eat high fat burger. Then, chicken thighs for dinner. I need to get fat down and protein higher. Came in under 3200 calories for the day. Legs tomorrow. Let's do this!

  19. So, I'm gonna drop calories to 3000. My mind feels right, good focus on my task. I'm going to keep carbs low <150, protein around 350 (this is hard!) and fats around 110. Hopefully, we will start losing some more fat. My next adjustment will be to increase cardio but not until I start to stagnate.

  20. Legs-

    Leg Extensions

    Hack Squats
    15x1 plate per side, 4x10x2 plates per side

    Walking Lunges 3xBWx60ft

    Lying leg curls-
    10x80, 110, 130, 150, 170, 170

    Seated Leg Curls-

    My left knee is achy so I couldn't push it too far but it felt great!

  21. Macros

    Feeling GOOD

  22. In for this. I followed your last log, which was very motivating for me! Keep focused, you made great progress last go round, and I'm sure you can go even further this time!

  23. Quote Originally Posted by CaptnCaveman View Post
    In for this. I followed your last log, which was very motivating for me! Keep focused, you made great progress last go round, and I'm sure you can go even further this time!
    Thanks! That means a lot to me!

  24. Chest- it's amazing what 7 days without beer and a high protein diet will do for strength and energy.

    Flat Bench-20x135, 15x185, 12x225, 10x275, 6x295


    Incline Flyes- 3x10x50

    Pec Dec-10x75, 90, 90

    Push downs-15x50, 100, 150, 200

    Laying DB extensions-3x15x27.5

  25. Fat-90



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