How to work out macros

  1. How to work out macros

    Hi all

    I'm quite new to training and eating right and was wondering how to work out your macros so I know how much protein cabs ect to eat a day

    Thanks Ryan

  2. IIfym website has a calculator. adjust according to goals but most people will say find tdee,
    1.start with 1-1.5g of protein per lb of body weight
    2. .5g of fat per lb of body weight
    3. Fill in remaining calories with carbohydrates

    Remember this is pretty general so you can always adjust according to progress as well

  3. Thanks so now my question is going to be how do I work out my body fat percentage?

  4. IIFYM works, but .5g of fat per bodyweight lbs is alot if you want to lose weight IMO. I went with .25-.3g and using that method lost 54lbs in 8 months.

  5. Thanks on that website you need to know your body fat percentage but I don't know how to work that out I can work out the fat and protein without using that site but stuck on carbs and how many calories to eat

  6. If you don't have calipers then here is a visual estimator:

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    May I suggest using this app to track your bloodwork tests:
    myBloodTracker for IPhone and IPad

  7. Your macro ratio is a crazy 56% carbs, 19% protein, and 25% fats assuming the numbers you're using are all grams as you neglected to include the units. The reason you find it hard to eat that much is because you should not be eating that much. Get your macro nutrient ratio into something sensible such as calories from....

    Carbs = 50%
    Protein = 30%
    Fats = 20%

    and cut your calories back to your maintenance level whatever that is. Can't help you there because maintenance calories have to be empirically determined.


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