Lots of fat loss supplements....what to do with them all?

  1. Lots of fat loss supplements....what to do with them all?

    Ok so I ahve a client that is getting ready to start a 12 week cut for her first show in october. She has AfricanMango, Green Coffee Bean, Raspberry Ketones, ALA, ALCAR, green tea extract, forsoklin, and oxy therm fat burner...........

    How would u suggest dosing all this and when.... Thanks for any input, i know its a lot but she has it and i figure it will help.....her diet is pretty spot on just needs to be more consistant as of right now.

  2. Green Coffee Bean (800-1200mg daily), RK (500-1000mg daily), ALCAR before meals. Forskolin with the stimmed product (oxy therm). Not familiar with African Mango. Green Tea anytime. ALA... NA-R-ALA would be much preferred. Straight ALA would have to be dosed pretty high, but NA-R-ALA (+300mg) is good pre meals.

    The Oxy Therm (I'm assuming by denovo?) is best taken away from food and before physical activity, but not 100% necessary.

    Any idea what brand Forskolin? % of extract is key for dosing.
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  3. ya the forsoklin is crappy 10% but they are 250 mg so 25 mg each so i was thinking 25 pre workout 25 before bed?

  4. Bump!

  5. Not sure how it is with females, but the sweet spot for men is usually 75-100 with forskolin. Also, better warn her of the possibility of pretty baf diarrhea and stomach pains for the first few weeks on 10% forskolin.

  6. Take the forskolin with the stimulants, so morning and preworkout, if that's how she doses fat burner/preworkout stims.

    And yes, warn her about liquid poo. Lol. FWIW, I get stomach issues even on 95% forskolin.
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  7. ok thanks!!!!

  8. I had no difference in success with green coffee bean or raspberry ketones. The rate of fat loss was the same whether on or off. I have no idea how good forksolin is. How would u rate it compared to ECA stack?

  9. never tried any of it to be honest.....this is for a client of mine

  10. green teat and green coffee + diet and high protien, also check out carb cycling for fatloss
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  11. I think Coleus Forskohlii only comes in 10% and 20% Forskolin, I can't find any strong studies as to its weight loss properties yet, but I did find one saying it may mitigate weight gain in females; however it does not specify the mechanism of action.
    Pubmed Article ID: PMC2129145

    I need to hit the books.

  12. ECA stack is a good general "fat burner" and Yohimbine HCL is good for "stubborn fat." Most everything else is worthless.

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  14. ^^^ Spam.

    Also, as you get leaner, I'd cut out the ala. ALA makes all cells (fat and muscle) insulin sensitive and as we get leaner our bodies tend to hold on to that last little bit making weight loss very hard.

    RK seems to be alright, but it has to be dosed at a min of 1500mg. I'd go even 3000mg.

    ALCAR is good at 3000mg split at 1000 3x or 1500 2x.

    I don't like forskolin very much, but 100mg a day of active is what has been shown to yield results.

    GTE will only get you so far because its metabolic effects can only be seen in those with low caffeine tolerance.

    If you want to stay "natty," I'd cut out everything but the alcar, get some olive leaf extract (or just alpha t2, but I like single ingredients in order to megadose if need be), ec and something for cortisol control like reduce xt, 5-at, or high dose of ashwagandha. For fasted cardio, HCA (garcinia) + yohimbine might be a good option.

    For the simple and effective route: I like clen at 80mcg and t3 between 6.75mcg and 12.5mcg. No more than 25mcg.

  15. Thanks guys this is all very helpful.....wpuldvubuse any of this while bulking to keep fat away

  16. I would say just leave them alone and rather ask smethng about diet ,,,

  17. Quote Originally Posted by mkretz View Post
    Thanks guys this is all very helpful.....wpuldvubuse any of this while bulking to keep fat away
    Nope. Albuterol might because it's been shown to increase lbm, but I'd just run these in a cut.


    You can dose them on your off days when you do cardio (if you cardio that is.) Personally, I take 6-8mg albuterol before a hiit session on my days.

  18. Whats your exp with training , diet and 'drugs'??


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