Just wrote a really perfectly long log that got erased right before I pressed send. Joy. Here is the very condensed version:

Having trouble getting back under 10%. Might be undereating/overtraining. So i thought id do a log and see. 6', 193lbs, Male, 25yo, ~10.5% (for pics please ask). Aiming for 186lbs (more importantly 7%BF) whilst maintaining 275 Inc Bench, 335 Squat, 205 Power Clean, 450 DL. Do MMA 2/3x, Lift 2/3x/, Play soccer2/3x (Any questions on training please ask). Supps include Fat Burner, Multi, Liver Cleans, Greens, Oxy Elite Protein as my Pro Source and, my fave, Cod Liver Oil (CLO).

Diet Plan:

7am - Wake Up
10am - Hike (Low level, barely panting, cardio)
11am - 50g Protein/Greens/7g CLO
1.30pm - 25g Protein/Celery/2 tbsps Peanut Butter
4.30pm - 25 Protein/Espresso Shot/7g CLO
(Preworkout total 100g Protein/30g Fat/~600 cals)
6-7pm Workout
7.15pm - 10g BCAA/25g Protein/1 overripe banana(15g Cabrs)
8.15pm - (Insulin Mimicker before) Gluttonous carbfest. Bit hazy here, could do with more awareness. Aiming for 400g Carbs/75g Protein. Estimate about 75g Fat gets eaten too what with the red meat and oil added. Would love some input here.
(Daily Total ~ 200g Protein/100g Fat/415g carbs = 3360cals) Just realised thats quite a lot!

So thats the plan. Will add/post pics and do training logs if anyone is interested.
Closing thoughts/issues:
Risk of overtraining large given my propensity toward increasing strength whilst dieting, 3 hour MMA sessions, 2 hour soccer sessions, and a bit of a phobia toward carbs (have had a lot of success with Anabolic in the past). Also havent settled ona training time yet. If it shifts to 11am ill probably switch to Leangains IF. The only problem with that is I dont know how to take my Cod Liver Oil (absolutely essential). CLO on an empty stomach anyone?

Anyway, forgive my ramblings as I am a first time logger. All questions, suggestions and input is heartily welcomed. Also Im a little slow with the internet lingo as Im not much of a forum junkie.
Anyway, much love.