Critique on my diet please...

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  1. not enough protein nor carbs. i would not take your calories any lower that 1800 being 250lbs.just up calories and train hard. once you stop dropping weight add in 30 mins cardio 3 days a week.make sure its the same amount of calories burned everytime.i do mine on a treadmill on incline(no holding onto treadmill). once you stop loosing weight i would add in a day and so on.once you got to 5 or 6 days then add 10 mins to those days simple way to do it

  2. Hey guys been a while since i posted, only dropped to 243 but put on sizable muscle in my upper body, ive concluded you were all right and i am not eating enough, but now my fear of eating too much is grappling with my want to progress, can someone give me a look into your daily eating thank you just to help me out

  3. Im 5'6"

    Today I had:
    8oz turkey wrap, 1oz peanuts
    Pre training - 25g isolate, 50g dextrose
    Post training - 1lb 93/7 beef, 2 cups white rice, butter
    2 cups cottage cheese, 1 whole box wheat thins
    25g protein blend, banana, peanut butter
    1 cup lime greek yogurt

  4. My pre contest diet end of 9 weeks starting 8 weeks out mon is 240 protein, 230 cars, 70 hgrams fat. Mon is my refeed day where I get 200 grams protein keep fat low and eat as many carbs I can get in at 3000 cals for that my diet is from stan jr a pro natty bodybuilder.I have been dropping weight quick he acually upped my cals and dropped out cardio

  5. Shoot me a email and well work on your diet for a few weeks to help you out scottbruce21@ gmail .com

  6. I wasnt able to email you, can you pm me by any chance?


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