Ketogenic diet and Body Opus

  1. Ketogenic diet and Body Opus

    Hey all, been while since I have posted on the boards. Glad to be back! I have been lifting for over 25 yrs. on and off, sound familiar??? Well, eating habits kinda went outta control and I am overweight considerably, sigh. I have been reading up on Ketogenic and Anabolic diets and and would like to find a copy of the Body Opus diet hopefully online somehow; not getting the actual book. Any help would be appreciated. Right now I am folllowing the Anabolic Diet for now and am making some progress but I think this might be somewhat outdated and wanted to read the Body Opus for tweaking my diet. Again thanks for any input/info all. Glad to be back on AM. Jimbo63

  2. I think body opus is available online. I think we even had a sticky here with it? Either way try and search and you should be able to find a pdf floating around
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