Leucine for muscle sparing during fasting

  1. Leucine for muscle sparing during fasting

    Questions my good peeps. I'm on a recomp right now where I do Leangains, and enjoy the fasting. I typically take free form or peptide BCAAs few times a day to slow down muscle breakdown while fasting...

    However I'm curious if the following are true if the then follow statements are also true:

    1.) That 3 to 8g of leucine (or a mix in bcaas) spikes insulin much carbs turning the switch to anabolic mode but without further protien or carbs the switch goes back to canabolic roughly 30 minutes later. True?

    2.) That a typical meal with protien with enough leucine will do the same albiet once the protien breaksdown. Typically carbs spike insulin before this however so the anabolic window is much larger being its combined leucine and carb spike. True?

    3.) That slow digestion protiens such a smeat, egg, casein, and slow carbs will continue to trickle into the bloodstream for 6 to 12 hours but the anabolic window from the leucine/fast carbs likely is closed. True?

    4.) That if you eat something like cottage cheese before bed it will break down slowly for a constant feed thoughout the night but you will still be catabolic quickly because not enough leucine/carbs to spike hard and long enough. Still muscle sparing aminos in the blood but not the anabolic switch mode. True?

    5.) That luecine or bcaas taken in 10g or less doses periodically doesnt reset you fasting or ketosis. True?

    So assuming the above are correct would it be safe to say that:

    1.) Taking leucine before a meal of low leucine will help optimize growth?

    2.) That taking leucine between meals of slow digestion protiens such as meat, egg and/or cheeses will help keep that protien used for growth rather than turn to fat or burnt as fuel?

    3.) Is there a cap on how often you can do the above? Is it like insulin sensitivty that old shcoolers got from spiking dextrose hourly? Beyong leucine toxicity doses, is there a negative to hitting leucine between meals?
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  2. ok listen.. you need to go read all of alan aragons stuff, it will teach you much about nutrition, and most of his theroys are based on meta analysis of 100s of studies.
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  3. A sound diet with ample amount of protein will keep you in a positive nitrogen balance, thus staying as anabolic as possible even in a cal deficit. For anything beyond this it would not be leucine that people will turn to, it would be more in the path of AAS.

  4. This is my type of thread. Individual aminos still have calories so IMO, your fast would be broken if ingesting beforehand. After learning this, I no longer take my bcaas during my fast but take them during my feeding window. I feel that "you need to eat" feeling more when I don't take bcaas during my fast. As far as the catabolic crap, it takes like 72 hours or something like that to fall into total catabolism which is why IF works. Just drink water while fasting then spike your insulin and add some aminos during your eating window . Just my analysis. Bump for more leucine info though.

  5. Another bump for more leucine info please!



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