Calories for weightloss

  1. Calories for weightloss

    Am 26 male 5'7. 175 20% body fat.
    I am eating no more than 2100 calories
    170-180 grams protein
    No more than 250 on carbs. Mainly stay around 150 carbs tho.

    Any input?

  2. Need more info like your exercise routine, what type of foods you're eating etc.
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  3. I work out two days a week heavy weights 5 sets. And going to jog a mile on days off. Eating lean meats and brown rice wheat bread wheat pasta. Turkey chicken 80/20 beef. Steaks. No soda. Only water

  4. is 2100 a number you came up with using a total daily energy expenditure calculator? as far as "from a glance", its just too vague. 1 mile jog = how many calories burnt?
    those heavy weigh session last how long and when you say 5 sets to you mean for each body part or?????????
    the food choices are all ok tho if that's what you like.
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  5. I am doing 5x 8 sets. Each body part in gym for about 1 hr or 45 min hitting it hard
    I want to lose body fat
    The 2100 came off of my net calorie counter app
    The jog or run is strictly to help burn fat. I am going to start finaflex cycle next week to help tone up and lose some fat

  6. Bump. Any input. Thank you for the help

  7. Start your cals at around 2,300. Your maintenance depending on your expenditure should be around 2,800 calories. Seem to be dropping too many calories too fast. If you can lose weight on higher calories do that and slowly drop them when weight loss stalls. I was dropping weight 100 calories under maintenance for awhile there.

  8. Jogging is useless. Muscle gets wasted.
    If you want to loose fat either
    A - Tabata Training
    B - HIIT
    C - LISS

    If you have already started dropping calories than skip cardio for now. All these different ways to loose weight (supps, cardio, calorie restriction) are tools. And when using tools you dont use them all at one time. This is a very common mistake made and when fat loss halts, people get frustrated and go into a very very low caloric restriction.

    My recommendation and what I do for my clients
    Find maintenace calories and subtract 100 calories. When that slows down, add in Tabata training once a week. That halts, move to HIIT 2-3 times a day.
    After that slows things down (if it ever does) subtract 100 more calories and drop HIIT training. Depending on energy level I will than add in Dexaprine or TT-33 depending on when they train. 1/2 a pill of Dexaprine works great as a preWO and one bottle lasts a very long time.

    This is a typical cycle that I have found works for all but 1 client of mine.
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  9. I am new to the forum but not new to the game at 41...First..go see a doctor to make sure you are in good health. There are quite a few diets and workouts that all can produce fatloss.

    The key is you didn't gain the fat losing fat should be a slow process and you need to find a diet that fits your lifestyle and goals.

    Over the many years...I tried IF diet, low carb, carb cycling...etc and I found a combo that was pefect for me....this goes for supplements as well.

    if you want to save time hire a trainer to help with your diet, workout and supplements....once you get a better understanding of your body then you can stop using a trainer.

    good luck

  10. I am in good health heart rate blood pressure all that. Job gives a physical and blood work every year. I work shift work as a operator in a chemical plant so I sit a lot. So I am wanting to shed all the years of fat and get back in shape

  11. sorry not a trainer but do have some questions

    how long have you been on this diet and results? how many days do you workout and for how long?

  12. Diet for 6 months. Work out for 1 hour or 1.5. And twice a week. Have lost 25 lbs so far

  13. Google can search out calories of foods. You can know that how much you should eat by calculating.

  14. You want to make sure you have an accurate maintenance calculation based on your TDEE. Google TDEE calculator and it will help you a lot. Eat at a deficit, and if you don't lose weight then cut about 50 more calories each week until you do start to notice a difference. You could also benefit from running instead of jogging, and possibly adding a fat burner like Dexaprine XR for stim or TT-33 for non-stim.


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