Advice please

  1. Advice please

    So I have been dieting while deployed for the past 15 weeks with the last 3 weeks carb deplete with 7th day refeed. I do 1000 jump ropes first thing in the morning then later in the day I do my weight training, I use kris Gethins 12 week program as my guide, right after training I do a 15 min walk as a cool down. Then later that night I do 1000 more ropes. My calories sit at 2100-2200 with macros of protein- 250-260/ carbs when depleting 50 or below that's just veggies/ healthy fats at 80-90. I currently weigh around 180. My body isn't dropping anymore weight and all I need is my 2 lower abs in. Over the course of 15 weeks I am almost 30 pounds down from my starting weight. Does anyone have any suggestions?? I'm not sure if it will be healthy to drop cals anymore but that's the problem I'm not sure? Advice would be greatly appreciated

  2. There is a book called the stubborn fat solution. Its meant for those around 12% bf and lower looking to get rid of the last little bit. Its written by Lyle McDonald who is highly renowned. I would suggest purchasing the book, but there are other ways to obtain it or you can research through various forums. It provides a cardio and supplement routine that a lot of people have sworn by. Not a miracle, but every little step counts.
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  3. Damn right it does man. Body just won't won't let anymore go. And i don't think it would be healthy to drop calories anymore

  4. Just keep going with it, stay consistent.
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  5. That's quite a bit of cardio, not sure you can increase that very much. I wouldn't feel comfortable eating under 2k calories or telling you to eat under 2k calories that is for certain. Have you tried a fat burner? The EC stack is pretty amazing for helping to shave off some weight, some other options are Dexaprine XR for stim or TT33 for non-stim. Your real options are 1) more cardio (that's going to be hard to do for your case) 2) drop calories (that's going to suck a lot as you will be eating like a rabbit) 3) add a fat burner to burn just a little bit more.

    Maybe you could do just a combo of the three things, like drop 50 more calories, do an extra 100 jump rope each session, and add a burner. Its going to take just a little bit more than what you are doing now if you are stalled at this point to get over that last bit of fat.

    Good luck!

  6. im not so sure 1000 jump ropes is doing much... whats that take, like 3-4 mins? you want to get leaner you probably need to do some harder more effective
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  7. I would add some HIIT over the random 1000 jump rope, dont really think that is doing anything. YOu can do it with the jump ropes, just use a stop watch or whatever to tme yourself.
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