Looking for input

  1. Looking for input

    Hey guys I'm looking to find help on basically everything . New user but long time reader been out of wrestling and lifting for about six years and want to get back into it I've had like 12attempts to get back in and my knees start killing me wrecked both of them in high school and then I can't keep anything going I have sups from starting and stopping I'm wondering what is my best approach how should I stack right now I'm 200 -205 5 -11 24 yo male when I was wrestling and around the same weight I was about 18%bf looking to cut to 180-185 then lift to build back up thanks guys

  2. Without knowing your supps it's impossible to tell you how to stack. I'd say your biggest thing now would be to probably get your diet in check, eat at a small defecit to slowly drop the lbs. What does your training look like? And you need to go into this knowing you'll only get out what you put in. If you keep quitting or slacking you'll never see the results you want.
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  3. Caloric deficit and Dexaprine XR would be my advice.

  4. Sucks to here about the knees especially at 24

    Get yourself a solid program and focus on mobility work and doing unilateral leg work should help you feel more agile again. Anecdotally fish oil and cissus has helps lots of people on here with joint pain so you might want to give them a shot.

    Whats your current diet and training program like now?
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  5. Right now training is zero. I want to get started within the week so trying to get ideas diet I have cut down a little as it is this past month I've dropped ten lbs my biggest obstacle is dinner with what is made for me no matter how much I ask for healthier things I still get high carb low protein dinners most nightstand don't have money to get my own food so I pretty much have my breakfast and lunch consistent two packs of peaches and cream oatmeal in the morning large Wendy's chili for lunch what ever dinner is and then a Greek yogurt as a snack at night

    Now training plans -I don't have a gym membership so most of my stuffs is free weights and part of my problem is I try to jump in where I left off when I was working out every day I was to get me started and back in the grove ( I know im going to get murdered for this) try the focus t25 in the morning before work as cardio and try to get some sort of weight training in a few nights a week

    Sups I have
    a whey protein
    GNC phyisoburn
    6star casein
    Boilerplate b4
    GNC amped ripped mix
    Epic strength
    GNC meta ignite
    GNC reloaded vita pack
    6star ultra NCAA pills
    GNC creating 5000
    GNC hmm pills
    Epic power
    GNC amped recovery night time mix
    Not sure when to really take what

    Any help would be great thanks again I'm open to any and all suggestions please help lol

  6. I also have fish oils and a joint complex to take as well

  7. Forget supps and focus on your technique so you don't risk damaging your knees even further.
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  8. Yea man, that's a ton of crap you don't need. Sell it and get a gym membership,lol. In all seriousness though, before youworry about supps take some time to get into a routine with diet and training.
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  9. Quote Originally Posted by PuZo View Post
    Forget supps and focus on your technique so you don't risk damaging your knees even further.
    this ^ except I do think Joint help dosed around 6 per day to help with acute pain and inflammation would be of great benifit.
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  10. The only supps I recommend having to start off with
    Althetic Multi
    Fish Oil
    Creatine Mono

    Otherwise everything else is just extra stuff that you are trying to supplement a bad routine or bad diet. Get the diet and nutrition down and everything else will follow.
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