Grey Goose & Keto

  1. Grey Goose & Keto

    So nutritional information for Grey Goose says 69 calories and 0 everything else, including carbs. Can I get sh*tty tomorrow night without throwing myself out of ketosis? O_o
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  2. u might get away with a shot or two.. but ****ty I doubt it.
    liquor is a tricky keto subject.. it may help you get into ketosis faster when depleting but once your in keto I would assume those calories will act closer to carb like than you want. do you have a glucose monitor? pissing on a stick isn't accurate enough to gauge the effects imo
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  3. I'm sure it'll be worth it
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  4. Depends on your body....
    I have personally did a experiment by drinking alcohol everyday on keto and I did not get thrown out

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