Hope this is the proper place for this post.

I decided to start taking Albuterol for fat loss purposes. I have taken this same brand of Albuterol in the past and have worked up to 16 mg per day. At these dosages my sleep was compromised but I managed to get enough. However, this time around I am only taking 4 mg at 7:00 am and have trouble sleeping! I went to bed at midnight last night and I am only taking Albuterol aside from some general health supplements (vit C & E, fish oil, etc.).

I have no idea why this time around I am getting so wired from such a small dose. If anyone has any ideas I would love to hear them. Also if you take anything for sleep, please share!

H - 5'8
W - 180lbs
BF - around 12%
EXP - 4 years lifting
No recent changes in diet or daily routine (sleep is ****ed due to albuterol though)