no breakfast

  1. no breakfast

    Ive read a few things about not eating any breakfast for at least a couple hrs after waking up anyone doing this? Does it really help u lean out? And if I started it could I still have my 1 cup of coffee with cream and sugar in the morning

    I know IF people do this but im just talking a couple hrs in the morning


  2. Anyone? I know there are a lot of smart people on here with a good opinion on the subject

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    If you aren't fully commiting to IF and just adding a gap before breakfast you will not notice much. If this gap was used for a fasted cardio session the story would change.

    Do what is more convenient fir you and just hit your caloric goal by day's end.
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  4. I am currently trying to put on a few lbs... That being said, I have been eating something every morning and not a big fan. I feel just as energized and as strong with no breakfast even with a morning workout.. But for now I will continue morning feeding just to hit my cals and macros.. You have to do what makes you feel better.. Martin Berkhan (IF guru) has some interesting studies on no breakfast. Not saying either is right or wrong but I'm a fan of no breakfast

  5. Thanks for the replys

    I was just reading a few things about the different hormones that peak when u wake and how they return to baseline after 2-3 hrs which would work out well with my work schedule meaning I could eat by frist break, not to say IF wouldn't work either but dont really want to go that long without eating, guess I could just try it and see



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