weight loss in month

  1. weight loss in month

    guys i just want to ask a question from all of you what do you think how much weight would be enough to loss in a month..??
    share your views here
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  2. 3lbs max per week is my rule of thumb (unless you have lots and lots to lose)

  3. I shoot for .25-1lb a week
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  4. anything more than 2 lbs and some is likely to be muscle.
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  5. Depends on your current body fat.....
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  6. Hello guys,

    Weight lose in a month is very difficult. I had loss almost 2.5 kg of my weight in a month. Its very difficult to loss weight. You need work hard.

  7. I agree with the 2 lbs per week statement, and actually if you are dropping 2 lbs and aren't severely overweight you are probably dropping a little bit of muscle as well. 1.5 lbs would be my goal if I were much higher BF.

  8. Thanks for reply me....

  9. I think 2lb per week to start is fine... but the lower and lower BF you get, the harder it is to lose fat... one person cannot keep losing 2lb per week if they are low BF already... they will lose muscle at that point...
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  10. Everyone has a reasonable idea of how much weight to lose on a regular basis. My only problem with the responses on this thread is simple, none of them take into consideration the person who is starting a weight loss program. I am going to assume that you are discussing how much weight loss in a month is acceptable for people in the personal trainer program. The correct answer to this question depends on the person who is starting the program. If someone joins the personal trainer program and already has six pack abs and body fat percentage of 5%, you can't expect them to lose very much over the course of a month. If, however, the person is 5'4" tall and weighs 290 pounds, it wouldn't be uncommon or even unacceptable for a person to lose more than 15 pounds in the first month alone. It depends on the person.

  11. It's very difficult but not impossible.If you decide then you can do that, but you should exercise regularly to loos weight in a month.Best of luck for that................

  12. What if you're about 20% body fat? Is 2 pounds a week good?

  13. You can lose from 1 lb to 30lb depending on if u get regular exercise and have a healthy diet.


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