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    Hey guys, im new to this forum and have seen some great information on here. Im 25 and am about 270 lbs looking to shred about 60lbs, been training a year and have lost 50lbs already but now feel im not lossing any weight. Im fairly fit for a 270 lbs man and work hard in the gym and also maintain a fairly clean diet although sometimes this could be better. I currently eat about 1500 calories a day and take dorian yates black bombs 2 tablets in the morning. Im considering trying pro hormones. My gym sessions are 10 mins run, 10 minutes cross trainer and then free weights hitting the big muscle groups. Any advices or help would be much appreciated. Cheers steve

  2. at 270 lbs only eating 1500 calories you should probably be passing out from just typing. Do you feel you're not losing weight or do you know your not losing? I don't see how you couldn't be with that few calories. I weigh 215 and my maintenance is around 2000 cals
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  3. I feel fine, feel good... drink plenty during the day aswell. I can feel like my muscle are growing especially my upper body and I feel fitter and stronger. Its really weird how d scales aint moving lol.

  4. That's always most important, how do I feel and look as compared to what the scale says. Still think that's way to few cals tho, lol.
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  5. Yeah your definitely right, im feeling good but could feel better, especially in myself. Im looking to shred fat but also tone up.

  6. Personally I think you are to low in calories, but that is me. Also, stay off the scale. It can be a good guide but you have to learn to go by how you feel and how you look in the mirror. that will tell you a lot more then the scale will.
    Second pro hormones will only give you minimal results until you get a solid meal plan that actually works for you. this takes a lot of time with experimenting with what can work for your body. So please dont do this at the very minimum till you know how your body responds to a specific diet. Will be a waist of money, IMO.
    Third, I would be more inclined to tell you to do cardio after your do weight training. Something along the lines of HIIT or Tabata if you are able to go at that intensity. The reason for this is I myself have issues with giving it my all in the weight room if I do cardio first.
    Do you take an Athletic Multivitamin or fish oil? These are a few things you might want incase you dont. I am also a big fan to taking minerals too, but that is me.
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  7. Thanks for the advice, I am able to high intensity training as I stated im fairly fit for my size and do give it my all. Ill switch changing methods and do weights first and see how I get on. I have just started taking pure cod liver oil. Which minerals/ vitamins would be good to add to my diet?

  8. I am a fan of using Athletic Multivitamin. Minerals I can only say look around. the one's I use are not sold here and I can not say where I get them from.
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  9. Haha its like that then lol... fair enough, I use green tea and acai berry aswell.

  10. It would be better for you to ingest more calories and then expend more (more exercise). The current amount of calories you are taking in is not sufficient for proper functioning in a gym environment. You could look at adding a fat burner to help with your goals such as Dexaprine XR.

    Here's the thing though you are probably adding muscle at a rate exceeding that of your fat loss. So your weight should be less significant at this point, and you should instead be paying more attention to the mirror and what you look like and how you feel.

  11. I have read a few things on here about dexaprine xr on here and have thought about it. Im problems is I aint feeling hungry so I aint eating. Might be because I drink loads throughout the day. Cheers for the helo and advice though, means alot


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