1. stress

    I just want to know opinion of your's what do you think has stress effected on weight loss ratio..?? i think it effects but not in ight way...
    share your views
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  2. i cant even begin to understand your question

  3. Quote Originally Posted by OnionKnight View Post
    i cant even begin to understand your question

  4. its well accepted that stress (and the rise in cortisol it causes) are certainly capable of shifting the bodies ability to burn fat. this is why certain supplements
    have such a profound effect on fat loss. todays fat burners, for example are designed in a lot of ways to emulate clenbuterol and its effects on fat loss/anti-catabolism. dieting in and of itself can cause a significant uptick in cortisol levels, so keeping them in check using various methods (both legal and less than)
    will ultimately help ones ability to reach low body fat levels.
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  5. My opinion is this guy is a douchebag
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  6. Stress=cortisol=fat gain and muscle loss...

    Hey hey hey, smoke weed everyday to keep the stress away-but in your case I'd find something else. No offense but hang onto the brain cells you have lol

  7. Look into reduce xt

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    Look into reduce xt
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