Kaizen Ephedrine

  1. Kaizen Ephedrine

    Can someone PM me a reliable source that ships to the US? I have been searching, but do not want my order confiscated by customs. Ridiculous how hard this stuff is to get now.

  2. You could just go to walgreens and get primatene...
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  3. Bronkaids another option

  4. try the more seedy research chem sites... and no not the kind that sell serms.
    that's all ima say bout that.
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  5. ephedrine will make you flat when dieting
    go easy on it, there are better ways to stay energetic and lets not kid ourselves, ephedrine isn't going to burn the fat off for you. Maybe 100-150kcal

    I like it pre-workout when dieting, I eat straight after

  6. Thanks for the responses so far.I have used ephedrine before, and that with good diet and exercise worked well. I have used primatene and bronkaid, but am looking for pure ephedrine hcl to avoid the fillers. Any other suggestions?


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