Diet gone wrong need help with killer cravings

  1. Diet gone wrong need help with killer cravings

    Dropped the cals too low and subsequently suffering, have a ravenous appetite that has possessed me to demolish all my workmates snacks, whole packs of hobnobs, pringles, chocolate chip cookies and then subsequently my own junk that i attempted to replace to make amends for inhaling the above for the past two weeks.

    When i make it to my rest days i intend on freezing my lovefilm account, taking a large dose of mtfu, possibly buying nicorete gum and as a last resort going zero carb for a month or less til the cravings die. Only i know from playing with the anabolic diet the cravings can be even more intense initially.

    Any further suggestions or advice that can help me back to normality would be greatly appreciated.

  2. I had experimented for a couple of months and found that to help my late evening cravings I needed to consume something with a decent amount of fiber late in the day. I chose to use green protein smoothies and it helped quite a bit.
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  3. give Dexaprine or Alphamine a try.. both are well know to curb your appetite.
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  4. I did a protein smoothie as kind of a "midnight snack" with strawberries and other fruits usually and that would help with the cravings. It was so mental with me, I'd be fine during the day but when it was time to watch tv or whatever I could only think about eating! It eventually got better, but I had experience quitting smoking so the late night eating seemed like a walk in the park after that, lol.
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  5. Up the healthy fats to increase satiety and reduce cravings (coconut oil, almonds my two favorites). Cut all simple carbs and get to net carbs 30-40g a day and go into ketosis (buy ketostix at the pharmacy to verify ketosis, you may have to play with the carbs). This will help you get used to low sugar, less processed food and as time passes you can incorporate more natural sugar types of food as well as a cheat day. It may take a six+weeks until you can really up the natural sugars or incorporate a cheat day/meal but by then you will have your cravings under control.

    For now, try eating straight natty pb to curb cravings. When that doesn't work, experiment with lettuce wraps in place of bread and try adding calorie free sweetner to cream cheese (make sure to be cautious with the last one, its basically cheesecake lol). Marinades for meat will be a huge help as well to keeping things interesting.

    Just stick to it, everybody hits road bumps sometimes.

  6. Big fan of snacking on Almonds, and making different protein shakes or homemade protein bars.

    iForce whey protean vanilla, coco powder and PB with some ice and water is my favorite craving killer. IF you make it think enough can end up being similar to ice cream.
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  7. well to kill that appetite you could try Dexaprine XR

    if you want to fulfill the cravings try making a Protean shake

  8. I'm not at all sure if the benefits are intended but anecdotally L-Dopa products like Lights Out tend to decrease my appetite.


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