advice please

  1. advice please

    Ok so anyone who has seen my latest post knows im on a moderate/low carb diet, its working great for me. Decided to up my cardio tho, doing 2000 reps a night with the jump rope. 200 at a time 45 sec break. Anyway my question is im still currently deployed and cant get real milk products here. They do have lactose free soy milk tho, only 6g of sugar. I was wondering if it would be ok to mix that with my bedtime protein shake as far as fat loss goes. Even witn it I would still be well under my carb limit, it only has 10g of carbs. I tried it once and felt way better the next day and didnt wake up hungry. If im messing up please let me know, dont wanna derail my progress its going to good, not to mention I have actually gotten stronger. Thanks for the help

  2. how bout u mix it with water? yea it tastes like ****ola. but are you drinking it for its taste or are you on a mission?

  3. mixing it with soy milk is fine
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  4. Mainly for taste. Not to mention it keeps me from waking up hungry. More filling before bed.

  5. The soy is fine, though I would just stick with H2O
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  6. I use water with my isotean and it tastes good to me... actually if you put a little oil in there it thickens the consistency. but yes soy milk is fine as long as its working with your low carb diet goals.
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  7. I would recommend the water as well, soy milk is on that estrogen time. Get some Isotean and water.

  8. Thanks for the advice guys, just sucks tho cuz with just water I wake up starving in the middle of the night haha

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Rush8780 View Post
    Thanks for the advice guys, just sucks tho cuz with just water I wake up starving in the middle of the night haha
    that's why its a great time to take a few mint infusd fish oils.. they will help to slow digestion a bit thus keeping you fuller longer..
    another thing you might want to try is Lights Out, or abyss. either will help you sleep like a baby possibly helping you to bypass the midnight hungers.
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